Resume Summary

A Professional Resume Summary Statement:

Resume Summary Statement serves the heading section of your professional crafted resume which highlights your years of experience in work, skills, certification, and best achievements. It summarizes the expertise that you mentioned in the resume. A professional summary is mainly 2-3 sentences long. Resume summary should be tailored according to the job position.

Without a resume summary, there are chances that the hiring manager would not consider reading your resume. You may send thousands of copies of your resume, and they all will go in the trash because of lacking a summary.

 An average job usually gets 250 resumes. The hiring managers skim them like a glance here and there, and there is the trash where your resume goes. However, a summary statement will change the perception of the hiring manager. How?

By showing a few things that would make you sparkle like Prince. One good news? Most of the job seekers do not consider writing a professional resume summary that makes easy for you to stand out within the crowd. 

Here we have discussed resume summary in detail along with 20 best examples and tips for no experience candidates for drafting their resume summary professionally. Take a look.

Table of Content:

  1. What is a Resume Summary?
  2. Difference between Resume Summary vs. Objective
  3. How to Write a Resume Summary Statement?
  4. Top 20 Resume Summary Examples
  5. Resume Summary for No Experience candidates

resume summary

1. What is a Resume Summary?

A resume summary is basically a short paragraph which highlights an overview of a job seeker’s professional skills and experience. A resume summary gives the hiring manager a glimpse into the expertise of job seekers before diving into his/her resume. The purpose of the resume summary is to demonstrate the unique value of job seekers through his/her accomplishments and skills. A resume summary must include the following three critical things

•    Match the needs of the employer

•    List of skills and achievement

•    Measurable achievements

2. Difference between Resume Summary vs. Objective

A resume objective statement is like an introductory statement that used a lot in the past. Resume objective statement mainly focuses on the needs and future goals of job seeker without mentioning how he/she would serve the company’s goal. Take an example of a resume objective statement:

Example, “Resume Objective: To get a job as Search Engine Optimization Manager at this reputable technology company.”

The traditional objective statement is obsolete because it does not add anything valuable in the resume; instead, it takes up additional space in the resume which is not particularly needed.

Whereas, a resume summary statement mentions the needs of the job seeker, highlights the accomplishment that he/she made, and the very notable skills required for the job. Let’s take an example

“Accomplished search engine specialist with experience of 13 years in digital marketing. Over the past five years, increased organic search traffic by 26%.”

After going through the resume summary statement above, the hiring manager does get a better understanding of the impressive abilities of the job seeker. On the other hand, the objective statement did leave the hiring manager with questions rather than answers.

3. How to Write a Resume Summary Statement?

When you are searching for a job, they demand a resume to know about your professional and educational experiences. A resume through the light at what you are, what are your skills and how experienced you are. Reading full resume looks annoying to the hiring manager so resume summary will help him to know about you. Resume summary is a short brief about yourself, experiences and skills that are written at the top and after the contact information.

Resume Summary Example Tips

Tips to write a resume summary:

  • Profile summary should be short comprising of few sentences. Do not try to make longer paragraphs. Some people consider that short statements are less effective but this not true.
  • The first thing to do is brainstorm. Make a list of your all skills first and find out the relevant one matching to the specific job position. Do not include irrelevant skills in your resume summary because the hiring manager has no interest in skills that are irrelevant to the post. For example, if you are applying for a teaching job talk about class management, not about your marketing skills.
  • In the next step, mention your experience related to the same field. Are you a fresher and do not have any expertise mention your work experience as an intern or any social worker. Experience matters a lot because the hiring manager is looking for experienced persons usually. Citing your relevant experience in resume summary paragraph will help to hire authority to know about yourself at a very first glance. They did not have to go through the resume to find about your experiences.
  • By mentioning your skills and experience tell in one or two sentences that why the organization should hire you. Talk about your strengths in these sentences to convince the authority that you are the best option for this position. If they find uniqueness in your lines, they will think to hire you.
  • Talk about how your appurtenance in the company will give benefit to them.
  • Use keywords that are related to a specific position like finance, audit, business, tax, etc. the inclusion of the keywords associated to the job will impress hiring manager and leaves the impression that you know about this job.
  • Spellings, sentence structure, and grammar will be correct. If you are not useful in making sentences, you can seek help from an online resume builder website. Many grammar correction software is also available on the internet free of cost.

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4. Top 20 Resume Summary Examples

Now you know what a resume summary is and how does it differs from the objective statement, let’s take a look upon the 20 resume summary examples that we have carefully written for you to get a better understanding of resume summary statement. You can either use these examples in your resume summary section or draft a new one by getting an idea from these examples.

Example of a customer service resume summary:

Are you looking for a customer service job summary? You may like this one,

“Customer Service Representative with an experience of 8 plus years, looking for elevating the experience of customers at Vibco. Have received a positive rating of 99% at the On Point Electronics. The customer retention for the regular call-ins of mine was above than 38% of the company’s average. Seeking to perform telesales and customer service skills to grow the loyalty of customer for AT&T.”

Example of a computer science pro professional resume summary:

Are you a computer science pro? You will definitely want to go with this resume summary example,

“Computer science professional with CompTIA A+ cert with experience of 15 years. Seeking to demonstrate exemplary skills of leadership as a project manager for the Cisco Systems. At Innotrode, slashed costs about 25% and worked with a team that raised the loyalty of customer by 2%.”

Example of Graphic Designer professional summary:

Want to work as a Graphic Designer? Take this example,

 “Professional graphic designer makes daily content design for the medium-sized firm. I have worked regularly upon the graphics production and layout materials. Have experience of 8 years and got honored by the 2016 design award of BigCommerce. Have developed 300+ graphic designs (brochures, infographics, logos, advertisements) that increased the transactions of the client by 30%.”

Example of a Pharmacy Technician professional summary:

Want to get hired as a Pharmacy Technician? Use this example in your resume summary statement,

“A certified senior pharmacy technician. I have received regular commendations for attention towards customer’ needs, enthusiasm toward work, and attention towards minor details. Increased the retention of staff by 25% at the Rite Aid Jersey City. Increased 35% of the satisfaction of customer and decreased 22% waste. A figure of positive feedback of customer at Jersey City is 90%. Active member at the National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA). Excelled as a certified pharmacy technician training at the Penn Foster Career School.”

Example of Web Developer professional resume summary:

Looking for a Web developer professional summary? You may like this example,

“The prolific, web developer is having a passion for beating former best-yets. Have prototyped per year 25 new features of product for Flexor, Inc. Decreased the cost by 15 % and rework by 22%. Received a consistent score of high user experience for all the web development tasks, including the increase of 55% for Flexor, Inc. Have a passion for building some of the world class applications for Web. My site has received 2016 Webby for the Best Structure and Navigation.”

Example of a Mechanical engineer summary resume:

Working as a mechanical engineer but want to try out your luck at a different company? Take this professional resume summary example to rock your resume,

“Proficient mechanical engineer having an experience of 9+ years. Seeking to demonstrate the production design and proven process skills to advance the manufacturing excellence in Boeing. Have increased the efficiency of production at Raytheon IADC by 35%. Cut 22% of the lead time and decreased the costs by 28%. Have lowered 32% department-wide defects. My team received 2017’s Shingo Prize.”

Example of a Marketing Professional summary:

Looking for a Marketing job? Use this powerful summary statement to cast a good impression upon the hiring manager,

“Experienced marketer with a wide sales background with an experience of 5+ years. Have grown conversion rates at mobile carrier San Francisco. Seeking to demonstrate my leadership excellence for Symantec to raise KPIs. Raised 30% CTR at Innotech, and slashed the costs of production by 15% with strategic supplier sourcing.”

Example of a Project Manager professional resume summary:

Need a Professional summary for Project Manager Position? Take this example,

“Passionate project manager with Web production knowledge that is obtained from a different position in consumer packaging and educational publishing and project management experience of 5+ years. Problem solver has completed projects consistently within budget and given time. Implemented approach of customer focusing which increased 15% business. Reduced the turnover employee by 35% and able to retain the position of the top performer of the staff.”

Example of a Dental Assistant summary statement:

Worked as a Dental Assistant and want to move to a different clinic? You would definitely want to go with this resume summary example,

“Passionate dental assistant with an experience of 5+ years in helping dentists perform document, and prep procedure. I have received a score of 95% in customer satisfaction consistently. Maintained a record of decreasing the pre-set time for the dental procedure. Highly professional in digital X-Rays, billing, and 4-handed dentistry.”

Example of a Financial Analyst summary statement:

Looking for a Financial Analyst professional summary? You may like this example,

“Financial Analyst with an experience of more than five years. Seeking to demonstrate the proven revenue, budget maximization, cost skills for Capital One. Saved 42.7 million for HUDA Inc by identifying projects of low margin. Improved the pricing of MRI international. Increased the retention of customers by 32%.”

Example of an Office Assistant summary statement:

Want to get hired as an Office Assistant? Use this example in your resume summary statement,

“Well disciplined office assistant with an experience of 6+ years. Seeking to aid the excellence of office at Caliphon Inc. Have fulfilled CRM data entry, shipping, and many other duties of an office assistant at different firms. Improved the resolution of customer complaint by 53% and decreased mistakes tremendously by 32% at the Castle Rock Mineral.”

Example of a Caretaker summary statement:

Are you a Caretaker and looking for a Nanny kind of job? Use this resume summary example in your resume,

“Compassionate nanny with an experience of more than three years in this field. Seeking to help in daily care for the Jimenez family. I have also an experience of a live-in nanny for more than two years. I ensured all physical activities 355 days/year. Enhanced 35% math score through tutoring. Transported kids daily with a clean driving record of 100%. Have certificate from Child Development Associate (CDA).”

Example of a Warehouse summary statement:

Want to get hired as a Warehouse? Use this example in your resume summary statement,

“Compassionate warehouse with an experience of 6+ years. Seeking to demonstrate top KPIs for Ikea. Remained an Amazon warehouse associate. I have maintained the packing/picking speeds 95&. Have performed packing specs by 100%. Have kept the record error free by 99%. 6-time remained the Walmart picker.”

Example of a Security guard summary statement:

Working as a security guard but want to try out your luck at a different place? Take this professional resume summary example to rock your resume,

“Registered security guard with a Guard Card. Seeking to use conflict resolution and high level of patrolling skills to assist Toll Brothers in achieving loss prevention mastery. Have reduced breaches in previous jobs by 71%, decreased 45% vandalism, and cut 55% safety incidents.”

Example of an Office manager summary statement:

Looking for a customer service job summary? You may like this example,

“Energetic and passionate office manager with an experience of 5+ years. Seeking to demonstrate training and management skills at Prescott Global to grow efficiency. I have worked with eight office assistants in a high volume technology business. Have increased 22% new contracts every year. Cut the leading time by 53% and cut costs by 22%.”

Example of an Executive Assistant summary statement:

Need a Professional summary for Executive Assistant Position? Consider this example,

“Energetic and compassionate executive assistant with an experience of more than five years. Seeking an executive assistant position at Bekaras Industries. Saved per week average 15 hours at Kallas, Inc for four executives. Reduced the wastage of travel cost by 28%. Created a new call system to eliminated customer misunderstandings and saved $2 million/year.”

Example of a Medical Assistant professional summary statement:

Are you looking for a Medical Assistant job? Use this resume summary example before flooding your whole information in the resume,

“Certified and Compassionate Medical Assistant with an experience of more than five years. Seeking to use the patient care skills to maintain the excellence of Swift Med. Have received positive reviews of 95% by patients at MedFast. Created 25% fewer errors and able to save $40,000 a year by correcting the improper usage of HER.”

Example of an Artist summary statement:

Want to get hired as an Artist? Use this example in your resume summary statement,

“Passionate artist looking for residency at Asheville Museum of Art. As a residential artist of Fayetteville, WV, have produced a collection of amazing art depicting the 2016 floods. One of my sculpture has received an award for the local visitor’s bureau. Remained a participant in 3 exhibitions and have remained consistent in two long term jobs.”

Example of a Receptionist summary statement:

Need a Professional summary for Receptionist Position? Take this example,

“Passionate receptionist with an experience of 5+ years. Have worked in both the private and public sector. Personable, adept, and diplomatic at managing troublesome situations. Highly proficient and organized with computers. Received 5x by clients and management for willingness to help and cheerful attitude. Identified a clerical error in the billing system which saved the company $30,000.”

Example of a Human Resource Generalist summary statement:

Looking for a Human Resource Generalist summary? You may like this example,

“A Human Resource Generalist with an experienced employee onboarding & hiring, managing benefits of employee & compliance, HIR records, licensure tracking, and performance management process. Organized and dependable team player with a strong ability to make communication efficient and effective. Skilled in relationship building with employees across the board of the organization. Proficient with applicant tracking, benefits management, and HRIS.”

5. Resume Summary for No Experience candidates

Relevant experience and skills are the most crucial element in a resume summary while applying for a job with no experience work history. The hiring manager would like to see the real-world examples that would demonstrate how you are capable of handling work and responsibility efficiently.

You do not need experience to have accomplishments. Your accomplishments may come from:

•    School

•    Unrelated Jobs

•    Volunteer work

•    Hobby projects

•    Freelance work

•    Commendations from superiors.

Let’s say you want to apply for a construction-related job without experience.

Let’s say you’re applying for a construction job with no experience and you want to write resume summary with a few days of temp work

Example: “Passionate construction worker. Seeking to leverage fast delivery and high-quality work to Jandreau Construction. Previously worked as parking constructor and helper for various constructing firms. I have commended seven times by the management for hard working ethics.

To craft a summary with no experience takes these three approaches:

•    Use 20 resume summary example that we describe above.

•    Write down your best achievements in your resume summary.

•    Add your certification, name, and titles that you gained

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Resume Summary Statement


There is a number of benefits of including a summary statement in your resume. The main advantage of adding a summary in your resume is that it makes your resume stand out in the crowd.

You can surely find one of your resume summary from the examples mentioned above. When hiring managers read dozens or even hundreds of resume they often overlook important information.

However, if your resume starts with a statement that briefly describes who you are and how you are qualified for that particular job position along with your skills and how you can facilitate the company with your skills and expertise, then surely your resume will get a chance of worth of getting read in detail.