Resume Objective

Career objective for a successful job:

Have you ever thought what matters a lot when you are applying for a job after your graduation? Yes, you got my point because a resume is essential that require getting the desired available position in a company.

A professional resume template is comprised of different sections that compile all the necessary information in the form of a summary that fits into one or two pages.

The most important part is the resume objective that comes at the top of the resume. In easy words, the resume objective states a person’s career goals.

A resume is comprised of different sections that compile all the necessary information in the form of a summary that fits into one or two pages. The most important part is the resume objective that comes at the top of the resume. In easy words, the resume objective states a person’s career goals.

In this article, we would talk about what is a resume objective in detail, how one can use it when to use it, where to write it, Isn’t the job description should be left for cover letter alone, writing tips to write best resume objective, sample and resume objectives examples.

By reading this resume objective article, you will learn…

  1. What is a resume objective?
  2. When to use Resume Objective?
  3. How to write a resume objective statement?
  4. Where to write a career objective statement?
  5. Resume Objective Examples
  6. Best Resume Builder to Use

Moreover, we will also learn about the best online website from where one can get the best resume templates.

Let’s take a look at each topic in detail.

1. What is a resume objective?

Most of you still unaware of what is a resume objective in resume building. A resume objective is a statement comprised of a short paragraph of 2 to 3 lines that states your goals for employment. It should get write at the top of the resume.

It will include all the details like why you are looking for this position, what career you are interested in, your skills, experiences that throw light on your ability, and ensures that you are the best for the desired position.

The best resume objective is one that discusses your passion for the position you are applying for. It will include all the details like why you are looking for this position, what career you are interested in, your skills, experiences that throw light on your ability, and ensures that you are the best for the desired position.

It all depends on how one manages one’s words to describe all the things in a few lines. One can write describing where you are standing now, and where you wanted to see yourself in your career in the future.

Did not get my point? Let me explain it in simple words.

It will include what you accomplished in your previous position and what you hope to accomplish with your new position that you are applying to get.

Resume Objective Statement

These future accomplishments provide the benefits to that company so think about the accomplishments twice to impress the hiring authority. 

Most of the people did not think that writing a resume objective is an important part to include in the resumes while others think that it did not leave any positive or negative impression whereas some of the people believe that a summary can replace an objective statement of the resume.

Surely they are not wrong because a summary covers more than an objective, but there are some areas where a person has to become concise and straight forward about his/her goals and values, and such goals and values are concisely get covered with a powerful objective statement.

However, keep it in mind that writing a resume objective illuminating your future goals, current skillset and experience will play a crucial part in grabbing the hiring authority attention towards your resume.

No doubt that this is optional, but we recommend going for it instead of labelling it as “outdated.”

2. When to use Resume Objective?

When to use a resume objective in your resume? It is the most asked question by most of you, and different experts have a different opinion on it. Some called it outdated, few of them called is unnecessary, and others called it essential whereas some say that it does not need at all.

However, there come certain times when inclusion of a career objective statement become important. Job description statement is necessary when someone is making a huge change in his/her career.

Now understand it by taking an example career objective statement. For example, you are serving the business department of some company in your whole career. Let your experience is of five to ten years.

Now you are bored and wanted to switch your business related responsibilities with marketing.

But, your resume that is all about business expertise will not go right for a marketing position. Your resume will not enter you in the list of best candidate for a marketing position.

In this scenario, a resume objective helps you a lot. There comes the point when you can force the hiring manager to give you a chance to prove yourself. 

Resume objective statement will state why are you switching the field and your skill set match with the marketing position.

Resume objective will benefit you in clarifying your thoughts and career goals as well as to the hiring manager to know about your skillsets that are required for the job.

If someone skips the resume objective statement part while switching the career, the resume will be rejected at first glance because the hiring manager will not understand your objective behind applying.

So, it is essential that you must have a career objective statement on top of your resume so, that the hiring manager could get a clear idea why you are making this massive switch in your career.

Resume objective is also necessary if you are new and applying for your first job. Without previous experience, companies hesitate to hire such person because no one wants to take the risk; therefore, a reasonable career objective will help them to know what your future plans are, goals and how to determine you are towards achieving career goals.

Job Description Statement

3. How to write a resume objective statement?

This is the real question about how to write a resume objective statement? Most of us take it easy when hearing that it is just 2 to 3 lines. Remember, the shorter length is, the more difficult it becomes to summarise all relevant information. This is why sometimes the resume objective statements go wrong.

How can a resume objective statement go wrong?

A poorly written objective flip the real games while leaving your resume in a bad reputation. A good objective resume is what that written with great care and have the ability to convince the person in authority.

Some people think that writing a resume objective (or a career objective) is outdated now. However, when you are applying for a job objective plays a vital role to give an overview of what are your skills, what you can do for the company benefit in the future.

An impressively written resume objective statement will provide some extra value to your resume. A good objective will force the hiring authority to read your resume until the end.

Tips to Write Resume Objectives:

When writing a career objective statement an essential tip to keep in mind is what you have written must match with the desired position that is open for a job.

Your words must be relevant and focused because the more focused you will be towards your career goals; the more hiring manager will take an interest in your resume.

Another thing is that never use the same resume objective for each job or position instead write a new resume objective statement for each position or job.

Use a best resume format while writing a Resume or CV.

Do not re-use same Resume Objective Statement:

Most of the candidates do not get hired because they usually take the same resume along with the same resume objectives while applying for different posts.

One cannot use the same resume objective while applying for a different position because each role has its own demands. For example, a resume objective statement related to business expertise cannot go for human resource position. And the one who will make such a mistake will only get rejected because of the very first mistake when the hiring manager will go through his/her career objective statement.

Keywords to use in the Job description:

Keywords are essential when constructing a good job description. Always look for relevant keywords related to the position. Keywords enable the employer to have an idea that you know about a specific role. Also, they can grab the attention of hiring authority. Also, most of the companies use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which is also known as a talent management system to screen.

Know about Talent Management System:

The talent management system works in a way that it eliminates all the resumes right away which lacks specific keywords. So you would have to be very careful about the keywords, because if your resume would not have such keywords, then your resume would get rejected without even getting touched by the hiring manager.

So always embed keywords in your resume or especially in your resume objective statement so that it will get pass through the Applicant Tracking System and reached to the hiring manager table to demonstrate at first glance that you are the perfect candidate for the required position.

Do not forget to keep it concise. An employer has to go around a bundle of resume profiles, so he does not have sufficient time to read lengthy paragraphs.

Simple and Short Career Objective:

A lengthy statement will divert his attention to look up other resumes and leaving your resume attended. A concise career objective statement will keep their attention. Use of words “as”, “like” helps keep the reader focus on what you are saying. So, do keep your career objective statement concise and straight forward.

Write a Job Specified Statements:

Do not write general statements. Specified statements are good to get a job. Through specified statements, the hiring manager will know your passion for getting a specified position. When the authority sees your indulgence through words, they will want to know more about you.

Focus on your Strongest Skills:

Mention your strongest attributes in the job description to impress the recruiter like motivation, dedicated, self-driven etc. mention those attributes, which are in accordance with the job title. All of your focus is to keep the recruiter interest in your resume.

Do not write incorrect Information:

Another essential thing to keep in mind is not to add incorrect information. What you wrote should be authentic and real. Some of the people think that adding up the information that can make them get hired is essential rather than being truthful about what they really are? Such people often get rejected in interviews at first because they cannot tackle the questions that experts ask them relevant to the job.

So, hiding who you really are and what your expertise is while mentioning faulty things will drop you in the interview in the first place.

Such people often get rejected in interviews at first because they cannot tackle the questions that experts ask them relevant to the job. So, hiding who you really are and what your expertise is while mentioning faulty things will drop you in the interview in the first place.

Write a Resume Objective which adds value to the Job:

One of the mistakes that most candidates make while writing a career objective statement is that they mostly focused upon what they want in their career rather than how they will likely add value to the job and company. Hiring authority is always seeking what values that a hired person will bring for their company.

Therefore, it is crucial that you focus on what values you would likely bring to the company once you would get selected. In 2 to 3 sentence of your resume objective statement, talk through your expertise that what value you will add to the company in the coming years.

Highlight your information:

Briefly include information which highlights experience, skills, and examples in a way that you would add value or improve the company status. Surely, the hiring manager will get impressed by your enthusiasm.

You may hear somewhere that the objective statement of a resume is entirely dead. It is crucial to note that while writing a resume, there are not any hard and fast rules to follow but your focus should be on what works for you rather what works for masses and if that means of including an objective statement for your resume than go for it.

Career Objective Statement

4. Where to write a career objective statement on your resume:

The job description comes on the top of your resume under your contact information and name. Keep it in mind that along with the aim of a resume statement, all the information that you are going to put should fit on one page.

So you do not only require to make your objective statement precise but also all the topics and information that you are going to touch on your resume should get fit upon the length of one page.

Isn’t the career objective statement should be left for a cover letter?

Well, there are differences of opinion whether your objective statement should be upon your cover letter or on your resume. But in case if you have decided to include your statement upon your cover letter rather than on your resume and the company denies of accepting any cover letter than what you would do then? So, it is where your resume would communicate your values.

5. The Resume objective sample (or Examples):

Here is the resume sample career objective statement that one can use to add up in their resumes or modify them to make it relevant to their position and skill set.

If you are new to the job marketplace:

I am a dedicated and self-driven recent fashion school graduate, seeking a full-time job position in the fashion industry, where I can use my skills to develop a fabulous design that leads the company to hit the fashion market.”

“I am a vigilant person having a degree in mass communication. With my proven communication skills, I want to serve the country to spread the information and grow my knowledge. My investigation skills will lead to creating hot stories for your channel”.

Career change resume objective:

“Experienced and dedicated finance professional spend eight years in dealing with revenue and managing the internal affairs. I am looking for a management position to apply my managing skills to develop the best managing system in the company. “


“Wanted to get retail manager position so that I can apply my strong communication and sales skills that I polish in my service of 6 years at a previous retail company.”

“Spending last three years, writing great articles and blogs while using my SEO techniques, I want to attain a full-time position in your company, and let me strike with words to create articles that will rock on the web”.

“I am an experienced person to serve a reputable channel for five years. I want to apply my communication and interactive skills to help an organisation to achieve its goals and objectives. “

“I worked as a senior science teacher in a community school. As education is my passion, so I want to grow my career and want to serve the role of principle in your institution. I will benefit the institute with my management and leadership skills.”

Resume objective examples with writing guide & tips:

Here are guidelines and examples to write a killer resume objective statements or resume summary:

  1. Write your resume objective or job description at the top of your resume because it is the section the hiring manager look at first sight.
  2. If you are a fresh graduate without having experience, then write your resume objective that gives a clear view to the hiring manager that what are your careers goals and plans associated with the job vacancy.
  3. If you are, an experienced person that the objective resume will go stating your goals as well as why you tend towards a specific position. You can also mention your working experience.
  4. If you have a relevant degree related to job position, mention it in just two or three words in job description.
  5. When you are writing a career objective, make it short, concise, strong, and to the point. The hiring manager is going through a lot of resume at the same time so boring and long resume objective will divert his attention to other resumes. Use strong vocabulary to grab the attention of hiring manager. Do not waste your time making longer statements.
  6. Keep in mind to write a resume objective specifically for the job position. A general resume objective is of no concern to the employer because they wanted to know about your passion for the relevant job. Mention your plans regarding the job position you are applying for to give an overview of what are your skills and what benefit you will provide to the organization.
  7. It will be awesome if you mention some of your attributes in the career objective statement. These attributes should be like a self-driven and organized person, experienced, determined and dedicated, enthusiastic and vigilant person and so on.
  8. Talk about your value to the organization. They wanted to listen that you value for them and the company.
  9. If you are applying for an IT expert position, do not start praising about your marketing skills in resume objective.

10 Best Resume Objective Examples:

The following are the most popular career objective statements.

An enthusiastic and vigilant person with excellent communication skills. Love to read and to write Possess the right interactive skills to propel an organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

I am a motivated and highly driven person holding a human resource and marketing degree, seeking a full-time marketing position, where I can contribute to the market to help the company in achieving its goals.

For me education is like a passion, with ten years of service as a senior teacher in high school, I wanted to serve as a principal in my community. I want to use my knowledge with management and leadership skills to ensure the quality of education.

A result-oriented professional, aiming for assignments in Office Administration / General Administration with a leading organization of repute, preferably in NewYork/California

An enthusiastic & high energy driven professional targeting middle level assignments in Content design and Editing with a reputed organization.

Scaling new heights of success and leaving a mark of excellence in assignments which involve analytical capabilities and professional growth.

To ensue a highly profitable career, seeking for a challenge ongoing job and healthy work environment where I can utilize my skills, experience and knowledge efficiently for organizational goal.

Looking for a position where I can integrate strategies to develop and expand existing customer sales, brand and product evolution, and media endorsement

To pursue a highly rewarding career, seeking for a job in a challenging and healthy work environment where I can utilize my skills and knowledge efficiently for organizational growth.

To obtain an internship opportunity with experienced mechanical engineers that will help me enhance the strong design and analytical skills.

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All one need to do is go on their website and generate your resume by using the thousands of the resume templates that are available on their website online for free. has an online resume generator, and it does not require any hard and fast rule to generate your resume there. The three easy steps with which you can generate a powerful resume on a resume builder are;

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