How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is a famous social platform for gaining some of the best job opportunities. It is an opportunity paradise for freelancers. But when was the last time that you really used your LinkedIn profile or updated it? Majority of us make a profile on LinkedIn and then let it sit. Don’t do that; if you have a profile, you can actually attain a lot through it, if you use it in the right way.

LinkedIn can help you in numerous ways for real, if you know how to utilize it for your best interest. If you don’t know how to optimize it in the perfect way then we are here for that. We have summed up some important basics that will help you in making the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

How to compliment your profile with your resume?

Stop looking at your profile as a resume; take it to the next level and make it a customized resume. This might sound challenging but it really isn’t that complicated. The biggest perk of LinkedIn is that you are able to get a lot of space. You can enlist all the skills that you possess along with the accomplishments that you have achieved in different sectors over the past years. You are not limited in any way and that is a great luxury that comes along with LinkedIn.

The biggest advice that we have to offer you is to utilize that space at its best. This space is going to be extremely helpful if your resume is constrained. You must look at your LinkedIn profile as an online portfolio that showcases as a list of your qualifications, experiences and skills. Make it comprehensive and make sure that it appears to be robust.

This way, when you apply for a job, you can put together all the things that match that specific job’s requirements. All the pieces that feel relevant can go together for the job that you are applying for. This will portray you as a well-experienced individual who has the capacity to manage a lot of different things.

Therefore, a customized resume is going to become your gateway to innumerable opportunities. Attach the link to your customized resume to your LinkedIn profile so that the recruiter can discover all aspects about you, if he or she seems interested in hiring you.

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Tips for making your LinkedIn Profile:

LinkedIn profile might seem easy to make but it takes time and effort. If you do not pay attention to it closely; the results won’t be outstanding either. Thus, here are some quick tips to help you in setting a great LinkedIn profile:

  • First of all, you must be easy to find. LinkedIn has different privacy and visibility settings, so make sure that you make your profile public and edit your URL too.
  • The content of your profile should be top notch as well. The profile should be attractive and must provide a wonderful impression to the recruiter. You get a lot of space of including different things in your profile; so use that space. Just make sure that you don’t clutter it.
  • Your LinkedIn photo also plays an important role so don’t overlook it. Always make sure that you put up a professional photo.


With these little tips, you can set up a great LinkedIn profile and also complement it with your resume. You get a wonderful space at this platform. Thus, make sure that you utilize it in the right way and don’t let it go to waste. Make a lasting impression on the recruiter so that wonderful job opportunities can be availed.

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