Perfect Resume Length

The Perfect Resume Length with Guide & Tips:

How long my resume should be? This is a repeatedly asked question by many people, who are applying for a job. Different experts give a different opinion as some say that should be confined to a single page; other said it should be about two to three pages. None of them is wrong in their opinions because it is the matter of your own choice and about the things, you want to mention in your resume.

Here we are guiding you about how long should your resume be because according to your experience and skills you should know about the perfect length.

1. One page resume:

If you have six to seven-year experience, then try to write a single page resume. Keep your details short. You did not have to mention each task you did at your last job. If you are not an experienced person then you should also have to make one page resume.

2. Two-page resume:

If you are a person having almost ten years of experience in a relevant field, then you should be of two pages. Mention your every job with specifications. Also, mention your skills in a two-page resume. Try to ad resume objective in a two-page resume.

3. Three-page resume:

If you are a highly qualified person and have more than ten years of experience in particular fields, then your resume will go to three pages because you have a lot of stuff to discuss with the hiring authority.

Try to remember that a resume should not go beyond the three pages because it seems to be boring to the hiring manager and they did not prefer to read along resume because of short time.

Tips and guide on how to make your resume concise and short:

It is never recommended always to use a three-page long resume. Always edit your resume length according to the relevant position you are seeking for and cut all the irrelevant details that do not suit for a particular job.

1. Keep it relevant:

Always keep your resume relevant to the job so the chances to achieve that job will be increased. If you mention skills that are not relevant to the particular position, remove them because the hiring authority did not have to do with irrelevant skills.

2. Font size and style:

If your resume is one or two page but a few lines are going on the other page, how you will manage that? Do not worry it is so simple. If your font is big, try to lessen it one to two points. If your heading size is 16, try to make it 14 and see it will work. Moreover, each font has a different writing style, and it matters a lot. You can see the difference in Arial 12 and times new roman 12 font.

3. Adjust spacing:

Spacing is another essential feature. If you have information that can easily make a one-page resume, but you add double spacing, then there is a chance that your resume becomes a double page resume. Cut some spacing or reduce it to single spacing to fit your resume on a single page.

If you are bad at writing a good, short, concise resume, do not worry open and build your style resume. Online resume builder offers a range of free templates that are designed to make your resume concise and to fit on one or two pages according to the material. Online resume builder also helps to give an attractive look to your resume. Moreover, offers an editing tool so you can make changes in their templates to give it your unique style.

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