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7 Common Resume Mistakes and How to Avoid:

While writing resume people make common resume mistakes without knowing that they are writing in a wrong way. Here is the list of resume mistakes people do while writing a resume and check that how to avoid them to make your resume stand out in all others resumes.

1. Poor grammar and typing mistakes:                    

People often use poor grammar and make mistakes in their typing. This will automatically leave the bad impact on the hiring authority. There is no room for grammatical and typing errors. One can say that if this person does not write well and he did not care about it how he could be responsible for his job. Avoid your grammatical resume mistakes by using some software if your grammar is weak. Many software available corrects your grammar automatically. For typing mistakes, go through your resume repeatedly and correct them.

2. Use of photo:

It is never recommended to paste your photo on your resume. Some people make a blunder by pasting their picture to impress the hiring manager but this will lead to a bad impact. On the other hand, maybe they laugh at you or become angry. Avoid using your photo in your resume. Besides this, one can give their LinkedIn link in the resume.

3. Incorrect contact information:

Some candidates write their fake number or the landline number on their resume. When the company calls you from the interview and someone else picks the phone in your home, it leaves a bad impression on the other person. Avoid giving your wrong contact information. Always give the number that is always available to pick and talk.

4. Lying in resume:

Most of the people are there that write false information on their resume to get a job. Lying is not good for you, for company, and the futures of the both. They use false references invent jobs, fraud degrees, and much more. Do not construct false achievements on your resume it is not good. Mistakes made on resume are not good for your own image as a candidate

5. Resume clichés:

People try to get smart by using clichés in their resume to attract the hiring authority. I swear this is not a good way because hiring authority did not want overused, ambiguous, and clichés words in your resume. Most commonly used words are creative, expert, effective, responsible, innovative, organizational etc. avoid these words and make your resume to standout. Find out good words related to your achievements and add in your resume.

6. A long resume:

When a seat is announced for a job, people start sending their resumes to the company. At the same time, the hiring manager is going through hundreds of resume. He did not have spare time to read your full resume. So writing a resume that is about to five pages is not a smart act. The hiring manager will get bored just seeing the length of your resume and it seems boring to him. Avoid this resume mistake by cutting your resume into short, about one to two pages that is it.

7. Too bulky with words:

Most of us try to add a lot of material in our resume and make long sentences to impress the company but this will lead to a headache for them. Try to use short and to the point sentences. Choose font, space, and style, which can make it visually attractive. is the best online resume builder. is an online website that helps the job-seeking persons to make a good resume. There you will find templates and by using them, one can make a resume that will impress others. By using templates, you have to write done your information and forgot about layout stress. There one can find one-page resume layout and many customizing tools.

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