Best Fonts for Resume

The best fonts and size to use on your resume

Have you ever thought what type of effects does the typeface of your resume produce on the hiring manager? The choice of resume fonts may seem unimportant but experts consider it as a reflection of your style, personality, and professionalism. Resume fonts are a way to stand out. Most importantly, using an unprofessional font can disqualify you from consideration for nearly every job.  Are you considering on writing a resume and struggling through which font is best to write a resume in? Well, don’t worry. Consider these rules while choosing your resume font and size.

Resume readability

The most important thing to consider while choosing the best font for your resume template is to consider the readability of your resume. It sounds obvious but you don’t have any idea how some people completely screw up while choosing resume fonts. Your typeface should be easy on the eyes and should print well on a screen and paper without considering the size at first. One idea is to consider universal fonts that work perfectly on almost all operating systems of the computer because automated applicant- tracking software will also scan your resume. Consider your own judgment while to determine readability.

Once a family of a font is chosen, the next step is to consider specific styles. For example, go with Times New Roman boast stylized text with decorative tails and marking on letters while considering sans-serif fonts like Arial for simple and sleek readability.

Resume Font Size

After choosing the family and styles of font, size is the next important thing to consider. It is important to realize that some font styles run bigger while some sun smaller. Your main focus is on readability and the professionalism that you are conveying through your resume. We suggest you take your own judgment while choosing the size of the font. However, we suggest you to go below the size “14”.

Here are some best resume font styles to consider for writing a professional resume.

  1. Calibri

Calibri is a universal and easily readable font. We suggest you size it to 12-point to produce perfect size for a professional resume.

  1. Arial

Looking for a sans-serif font? Well, Arial is the best option for your resume. It is also an easy to read resume font.

  1. Helvetica

Helvetica is also a sans-serif font and is similar to Arial. It offers an easy and modern look that is unique and easy on the eye.

  1. Garamond

Heard the proverb “old is gold”? Garamond is an old-style font. Some people like to go with old fonts. This font is old and simply elegant in its appearance.

  1. Georgia

Georgia font is a traditional alternative to the overused Times New Roman font. This font was specially designed to be read on screen.

  1. Times New Roman

The typeface of this font is so classic that it might not stand out in the sea of resumes. While this font is highly readable and safe.

Online Resume Builder

Are you struggling your mind on the thought of which resume font would go best with your resume and how it would look like? Do not worry, we have some of the best options for you to choose your resume font without putting too much effort. Generate your resume with online professional resume builder. A website name has an online professional resume builder. They made easy and quick for you to create your professional resume in seconds where there are customized resume templates from which you can customize your resume font and size for your resume template

There are three easy steps to generate your resume on a resume builder

  • Select a resume template and customize your resume font
  • Fill your skills, personal, summary, education and experience details.
  • Download your resume in PDF format


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