How to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers?

When a position is announced for a job, you are not only the one who is applying and mailing resume, but there are hundreds of other candidates who are seeking for that position. Employers or the hiring person have to check all the resume, but he did not have enough time to go in details instead he look upon to each resume for 20 to 30 seconds. It is essential to write a resume in a way that it grabs the employer attention. Here we are presenting a few tips and tricks to make your resume stand in the big crowd.

1. Cover letter:

A resume that an employer receives with a cover letter leave a good impression. Do not forget to attach your cover letter along with your resume.

2. Customize resume:

Do not make a mistake by sending the same resume for different jobs. Every job has its hiring requirements. Always make some changes in your skills and experience section according to the position you are deciding to apply for.

3. Use of relevant keywords:

It is recommended to use specific keywords in your resume related to the job position in which you are applying. Mentioning words pertaining to the post will create your good image and the employer will instantly know that you know about the job specifications.

4. Formatting:

Job seeking people thinks that fancy font will work better for getting a job. This is not true because it will create unease for the employer. Always use a basic font like Arial, times new roman, etc. with a standard format size of 12 points. Add some spacing between the lines to give a bright look. Moreover, use the bold feature to highlight important words.

5. Mention relevant experience:

While going through the resume the hiring authority give more attention to experience section. Make your experience section more clear and set on the top. Employer’s focus is on the top of the resume so arrange your experience details from recent to old. If your resume is lacking in enough experience, then mention all the internships and the volunteers’ works you do in your life.

6. Skills:

Mentioning Skills is a necessary part of all type of resumes. If you do not have enough experience, then there are the skills that help you to get a job. Instead of writing, your skills in a paragraph form try to write them in bullets. It will give a pleasant look to your resume, and it will be easy for the employer to focus on this section. If you hide your skills somewhere at the last of resume, the hiring authority will pass this without having a single look.

7. Avoid personal details:

A resume is something that is used for professional use so do not make it look like personal. Here personal means that do not talk about your hobbies, likes and dislikes, family, businesses, etc. your personal information includes your full name, mobile number, home address, and email address. Besides this, all personal information is useless to mention in the resume.

8. Education details:

Left some space at the bottom of your resume to mention your education details. Education details should include your institute name with passing years and specialized subjects. There is no need to specify your grades and GPA/CGPA.

9. Recheck for errors:

There is no room for mistakes in a resume. If the employer notices errors and grammatical mistakes, he will not pick your resume for the job. Do the double check on your resume mistake and make it free from errors. If you are not good at English, use some online application for the correction of grammatical mistakes.

10. Save it as a PDF:

Its always better and secure to save your Resume or CV in PDF format.  It is also to ensure that your resume’s content, design and format are preserved. Most of the recruiters recommends saving your resume as a PDF format. is an online resume builder site that knows better how to set your resume that its stand in a crowd. They offers arrange of features to make your resume, the best resume. Online resume builder always consider the all above-mentioned points and increase the chances that your resume will your by an employer.

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