A sales and Marketing resume needs to begin with a strong objective statement. The statement must create a good impact on the employer, and it should also positively present your desire to be a part of the organization and the position offered. Your enthusiasm shown for the said job goes a long way while drafting a sales and marketing resume. Advertising specialist resume, sales agent resume, telemarketing agent resume are a few categories that belong to sales and marketing resumes. These resumes should cover all the important qualifications and skills that one possesses such as time management skills or multi-tasking abilities to attract the employer’s attention.

Here is the list of the various sales and marketing resumes:

  • Advertising Specialist Resume
  • Sales Agent Resume
  • Telemarketing Agent Resume

An advertising specialist has to plan, prepare and implement advertising projects after consulting with clients and gaining ample information of a particular project. Advertising the product by planning its strategies, selecting the appropriate medium for advertisement as well as preparing a sample advertisement programme are all part of an advertising specialist’s job profile.

A sales agent also works in coordination with the clients developing their portfolio, apart from promoting and selling the products. Making contracts, monitoring the contracts, participating in negotiations, finalizing the contracts, taking into consideration the monthly and annual income of the company, is also undertaken by them.

Telemarketing agents on the other hand promote products and services via telephones. These representatives have good communication and negotiation abilities. They have immense convincing power to make the clients purchase the products over the phone. Negotiations of payments, discounts offered and the benefits of the products and services are discussed in order to make a sale or even market the product.

Candidates who are a part of sales of marketing field most often need to be on their toes and travel to various places to market or sell the products. Their resume should thus include, on the field experience or exposure, apart from showing some statistical data of the work done. A few points to include while drafting a sales and marketing resume:

  • The resume should begin with contact information of the candidate. The information includes, name, address, telephone number and email address for the employer to contact your without much efforts once your resume is shortlisted.
  • The introduction of the resume should talk about what the candidate feels about the job profile from past experiences and studies.
  • The objective of the resume should create a positive impact with a powerful statement. Objective should indicate what position you are looking to obtain and how you could contribute towards the growth of the organization.
  • Your resume should also include a summary. The summary should talk about your overall experience and the clients you dealt with in brief.
  • Skills and qualifications are a crucial part of your resume. Skills such as, time management communication skills, multi-tasking abilities and organizational and interpersonal skills need to be mentioned. If you are proficient with computer applications and programs, mention it..
  • Previous work experience stating the duties and responsibilities you undertook with the strategies followed to complete a project needs to be briefly mentioned. Only the jobs relevant to the job you are applying should be stated with the extra responsibilities you undertook, if any. Work experiences should be put in a chronological order starting from the latest.
  • Your educational qualifications would be next on the list. It should briefly describe your degree, the university name and the marks obtained.
  • To sum it up, your resume should also include your achievements and affiliations received if any.
  • Areas of interest and references from previous employers to check the authenticity of the information listed in your resume could be an added advantage.

Sales and Marketing resumes should highlight a lot on work experience relevant to the job the candidate is applying for. These resumes should be quite effective and brief.