Operator is the person who operates machines, vehicles, telephone systems and computers, particular type of businesses, stocks or commodities. Considering the different job profile of an operator, the role one performs will not have any kind of similarities. Let’s have a brief introduction of the role of a machine and telephone operator.

Here is the list of the various operator resumes:

  • Audio Operator Resume
  • Ambulance Operator Resume
  • Answering Service Operator Resume
  • AS400 Computer Operator Resume
  • At Home Phone Operator Resume
  • AutoCAD Operator Resume
  • Auxiliary Operator Resume
  • Ballast Control Operator Resume
  • Bindery Operator Resume
  • Bank Proof Operator Resume
  • Boiler Operator Resume
  • Board Operator Resume
  • Boiler Plant Operator Resume
  • Bulldozer Operator Resume
  • Brake Operator Resume
  • Batch Plant Operator Resume
  • Best Buy Sales Operator Resume
  • Concrete Plant Operator Resume
  • Certified Forklift Operator Resume
  • Cad Operator Resume
  • Camera Operator Resume
  • Chemical Plant Operator Resume
  • Chemical Process Operator Resume
  • CNC Lathe Operator Resume
  • CNC Machine Operator Resume
  • CNC Router Operator Resume
  • Call Center Operator Resume
  • Computer Operator Resume
  • Concrete Pump Operator Resume
  • Console Operator Resume
  • Control Operator Resume
  • Crane Operator Resume
  • Dispatch Operator Resume
  • Drill Rig Operator Resume
  • Digital Print Operator Resume
  • Data Center Operator Resume
  • Data Entry Operator Resume
  • DP Operator Resume
  • Dragline Operator Resume
  • Dredge Operator Resume
  • Dynamic Positioning Operator Resume
  • Electric System Operator Resume
  • Extruder Operator Resume
  • Embroidery Machine Operator Resume
  • Equipment Operator Resume
  • Field Radio Operator Resume
  • Forklift Operator Resume
  • Furnace Operator Resume
  • Fuel Distribution System Operator Resume
  • Gas Turbine Operatorq Resume
  • Gis Operator Resume
  • Grader Operator Resume
  • Gas Plant Operator Resume
  • Graphics Operator Resume
  • International Heavy Equipment Operator Resume
  • Hotel Switchboard Operator Resume
  • Haul Truck Operator Resume
  • Heavy Equipment Operator Resume
  • Hotel PBX Operator Resume
  • Hotel Telephone Operator Resume
  • Hydraulic Crane Operator Resume
  • GMDSS Radio Operator Resume

For instance, a machine operator working in a printing press will have to look after the maintenance of the machine. They have to make all the pre-preparation needed for the printing work. Such as, cleaning the machine, preparing colors, mounting the master plate (a thin sheet which rolls when the machine is put on and the impression is pressed on the printing paper). When working with new technology, the use of plate is no longer needed.

During the printing process, the operator has to keep a watch on the printing machine to ensure it is running smoothly, and the paper doesn’t get jammed. The feeding of the paper in the printing tray of the machine is also important, because without paper you won’t get the output. The operator has to be alert and agile as they have to keep feeding colors, papers and clean the machine.

Telephone operators are also known as a communication equipment operator and their role is to handle the switchboards. Their role is to provide communication support to the organization by receiving, answering and directing the clients’ call to the concerned department. They even have to perform clerical tasks and receive messages. In case any authority is not at his/her desk, it’s the operator’s responsibilities to pass on the message when the person is back to the desk.

What qualifications are needed to become an operator?

Filtering and accommodating operator’s qualification into a single mould will be slightly difficult, because there are at least 40 different job profiles for an operator. To name a few: computer operator, telephone operator, call center operator, data entry operator, crane operator and machine operator.

In the previous section, we looked at the roles of a printing machine operator. In this section, let us look at the qualifications required for this profile. Most of the employers give importance to experience rather than qualification when it comes to employing a printing machine operator. The reason behind this is that an operator doesn’t have to do reading or writing work. Even if he has no qualification, few months of on-job training will make him perfect.

A high school degree is the basic requirement for a telephone or switchboard operator. Pleasing personality, good voice and communication skills are preferred by the employers for this position. You also have to show your typing and computer-operating skills. If you are good in any foreign language, you will be given preference.

How operator’s resume is formatted?

  • Contact InformationHere, you have to write your full name, present address, telephone/mobile number and email address.
  • Career ObjectiveThis statement will speak about your goals in life. What you want to become and how you will help the company through your contribution.
  • Professional ExperienceProvide information about your previous employment. Make sure all the information in your resume is true. Once you are called for an interview, you will have to answer questions based on your previous experiences. Format the information in this order: name of the organization, position you are applying for, and your employment duration.
  • Educational backgroundAs usual, start with the latest degree you have achieved and go on to mention the first. Any awards or certifications you achieved will come after the educational details.
  • ReferencesThis is required by employers to know the person’s opinion about you in general. You can provide reference of your teacher, professor, or ex-employer.

This format will help you in drafting your operator resume. As we couldn’t cover all the operators’ profile, there are many sample resumes for your reference. Each link, given below, will help you to access the operator resume. When you click the sample resume that matches with your profile, you will find a complete and well-crafted resume that will help you to make your resume effective and stand apart from other competitors.