One profession that is noble and brave enough to weather all type of economic conditions is the nursing profession. Why I am saying this? Because everyday people fall sick or sustain some minor or major injuries in their day-to-day activities. Moreover, illness doesn’t embrace a person knowing his/her financial conditions. No matter what type of economic status you are enjoying, at some point or the other, you will definitely need nursing assistance. Hence, the demand of nurses in the medical fraternity is increasing day-by-day.

Here is the list of the various nurse resumes:

  • Anesthesiologist Nurse Resume
  • Anesthetic Nurse Resume
  • Auxiliary Nurse Resume
  • Assistant Nurse Resume
  • Anesthetist Nurse Resume
  • Army Nurse Resume
  • Baby Nurse Resume
  • Burn Nurse Resume
  • Burn Nurse Resume
  • Cardiac ICU Nurse Resume
  • Cardiac Nurse Resume Sample
  • Cardiac Nurse Specialist Resume
  • Charge Nurse Resume
  • Cath Lab Nurse Resume
  • Community Health Nurse Resume
  • Community Nurse Resume
  • Correctional Nurse Resume
  • Critical Care Nurse Resume
  • Critical Care Transport Nurse Resume
  • College Nurse Resume
  • Diabetes Specialist Nurse Resume
  • Dialysis Nurse Resume
  • Diabetes Nurse Resume
  • Discharge Nurse Resume
  • Dental Nurse Resume
  • Endoscopy Nurse Resume
  • Entry Level Nurse Resume
  • Foot Care Nurse Resume
  • Forensic Nurse Resume
  • General Nurse Resume
  • Geriatric Nurse Resume
  • Government Nurse Resume
  • Hemodialysis Nurse Resume
  • Home Care Nurse Resume
  • Hospice Nurse Resume
  • Hospital Nurse Resume
  • Industrial Nurse Resume
  • Infusion Nurse Resume
  • Intake Nurse Resume
  • International Registered Nurse Resume
  • International Travel NurseResume
  • Labor and Delivery Nurse Resume
  • Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse Resume
  • Laser Nurse Resume
  • Legal Nurse Resume
  • Life Flight Nurse Resume
  • Medical Office Nurse Resume
  • Medical Surgical Nurse Resume
  • Medical Ward Nurse Resume
  • Midwife Nurse Resume
  • Military Nurse Resume
  • Mother Baby Nurse Resume
  • Nephrology Nurse Resume
  • Nicu Nurse Resume
  • Nicu Travel Nurse Resume
  • NHS Nurse Resume
  • Nurse Aide Resume
  • Nurse Staffing Coordinator Resume
  • Orthopedic Nurse Resume
  • Overseas Nurse Resume

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To be in the nursing profession, you have to have some inherent feeling of compassion towards others. If you have a caring attitude and an ability to empathize with people experiencing pain and suffering and you find solace in helping those in needs, then nursing is the profession you could choose. You can seek employment in hospitals, health care centers or in home care. You will also have to perform your duty at a patients’ home, in case they are unable to visit hospitals daily.

Nurse resume should show commitment towards your profession and a strong desire to help all those afflicted. If this is your first job as a nurse, you should let the recruiter know how and why you have chosen a career in nursing. What attracted you toward this profession? You can write a paragraph about any incidences in your life, or about any person who has motivated you to follow this profession.

All duties performed and responsibilities fulfilled in your previous employment should be formatted in a way the reader can find it easy to read and grasp it. If you have gone way too far in performing your duties, don’t shy away to mention it the resume. Say, for instance, you were on leave to attend your sister’s wedding and suddenly you were asked to report back to duty to help in an emergency case. You were left with no option, but skip your sister’s wedding. This will show the employer how committed you are towards your profession, and he/she will love to have you in their organization.

Nursing profession has no room for even slightest mistake, because patients’ lives are at stake. Your resume should show the employer that you are well aware about your responsibilities, and you know the trade like the back of your hand. You should have years of experience to know all the complexities involved in patient care. The knowledge could be gained through a proper certification and specialization course during your nursing degree. Employers will also prefer candidates with exceptional learning ability, well-defined objectives and determination to make a career in nursing profession.

The nursing profession is designed with some purpose. You should consider this point while drafting your nurse resume. The nurse resume is not meant to get you an eight-hour job in some office. On the contrary, it is much more than working for eight-hour. You should put in the resume all your commitments for the profession and inform the employer that you are always on your toes to fulfill it.

Anything that can reflect your compassion towards patients should flow throughout your resume. Any experience you have achieved while undertaking any voluntary project in your college should be mentioned in your resume. Mention any special achievement in your academic tenure such as recognition from the National Honors Society.

Remember, don’t compare nurse resume with any other standard resumes. Empathy, compassion, commitment and determination to heal others are the essential elements in the nursing resume. The job opportunities in the medical industry are tremendous, and your resume is the driving force to launch you in this profession.

As the scope of nursing profession is wider, we have written hundreds of nurse resumes that are more prevalent in the health and medical sectors. You can have better understanding about the different nursing profile by accessing each of the sample resumes given below.