The term ‘instructor’ is associated with countless careers. To describe it in short, an instructor is the person whose job is to train and educate others by sharing his/her skills and knowledge. Instructors have to give demonstrations and training on the topic that they are very much versed with. They have to be passionate about the subject they are providing training in. As instructors are needed in every major and minor sector, including industrial, corporate and domestic, the job opportunities are higher for those who want to pursue their career as an instructor.

Here is the list of the various instructor resumes:

  • Adjunct Instructor Resume
  • Aerobics Instructor Resume
  • Art Instructor Resume
  • College Instructor Resume
  • Clinical Instructor Resume
  • Computer Instructor Resume
  • Cooking Instructor Resume
  • Chef Instructor Resume
  • Driving Instructor Resume
  • English Instructor Resume
  • ESL Instructor Resume
  • Flight Instructor Resume
  • Fitness Instructor Resume
  • Gymnastic Instructor Resume
  • GYM Instructor Resume
  • Ged Instructor Resume
  • Group Fitness Instructor Resume
  • Guitar Instructor Resume
  • IT Instructor Resume
  • Karate Instructor Resume
  • Language Instructor Resume
  • Lead Instructor Resume
  • Life Skills Instructor Resume
  • Math Instructor Resume
  • Martial Arts Instructor Resume
  • Military Instructor Resume
  • Music Instructor Resume
  • Nursing Instructor Resume
  • Pilates Instructor Resume
  • Riding Instructor Resume
  • Ski Instructor Resume
  • Snowboard Instructor Resume
  • Spinning Instructor Resume
  • Sports Instructor Resume
  • Tennis Instructor Resume
  • Water Safety Instructor Resume
  • Yoga Instructor Resume

Instructors generally work in areas concerned with fitness, recreation, martial art, sports, and language. Their skills and experiences are needed in the technical, medical and yoga field as well. They mainly guide and provide instruction to people either individually or in groups about how to excel in that particular subject without any physical injury or threat to one’s life. Employment can be found in TV and film industry, sports and fitness centers, medical centers, resorts and various other organizations.

For those who have no educational background, they can work as a driving, swimming and martial arts instructor. Employment can be found in driving schools, resorts and martial art clubs. Self-employment is also an option if one has the skills in pet and dance training. When working as an independent instructor, one should be able to demonstrate his/her skills with much precision to overshadow the shortcoming of lack of education.

If you have strong educational qualification, then sky is the limit. You can instruct students in arts, technical subjects such as computers, electronics, etc., communication skills in English and other languages, and in any vocational subjects necessary for a particular job. Employment for these types of instruction is in schools, community colleges, institute teaching technical and language subject to improve communication skills, or schools training students for a vocational subject. Instructor with good educational qualifications backed with sufficient experiences can seek employment in corporate community to train their staff.

Some of the duties performed by instructors working in recreation and sports industries are the following:

  • Plan and execute daily activities related to recreations and fitness
  • Manage and assemble necessary equipment for activities carried on a daily basis
  • Educate athletes about the importance of fitness and techniques to achieve it
  • Motivate groups to perform well by providing necessary training
  • Instruct and lead groups in arts, crafts and other recreational activities
  • Provide guidance on different aspects of lifestyle
  • Ensure that groups follow and abide the safety norms during practice and performance

To provide instructions in these fields, employers usually prefer a college degree with specialization in any recreation or physical education subject. Experience in the respective field will also be an added advantage. Few specialization fields also need certification when one prefers to become a swimming instructor, first aid or emergency care instructor or a scuba diving instructor. Such instructors have to give a demonstration of their skills at the time of employment.

The duties performed by college, vocational, aerobic, gym, riding and lifeguard instructors vary and so does the required qualifications and experiences. In general, a college diploma and strong expertise with a proven ability in the relevant field are basic requirements any employer would prefer to see in the instructor resume.

When applying for an instructor position, the career objective plays an important role in reflecting your personality in the reader’s mind. The objective section describes how passionate you are in your subject and how you want to contribute your skills and knowledge in educating people. The educational background may or may not hold importance depending on the instructor position you are applying to. Work experience is the section where you should market your skills in a convincing manner. The duties performed, name of your employer and the terms of employment should be formatted properly so that they are easy to understand and browse through. Other skills and qualifications such as award, certification and recognition should come after work experience. If you can provide references to help your employer validate your assertion, it will work in your favor.

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