The gaming industry is one of the booming industries. Creating games is not an easy job. A team of programmers, producers, artists, testers, level designer etc are needed to create games. You need a sound base of technical knowledge and creative ideas to work in the gaming industry. To get these, highlight paid creative jobs, you need to send a well-written resume that highlight the correct features needed for this job. Before you start drafting the game resume, jolt down important points you wish to include in your resume. Most candidates make a mistake of sending a regular development resume for jobs in the gaming industry.

Here is the list of the various Game resume:

  • Computer Game Resume
  • Game Designer Resume

The gaming industry calls for different set of skills. You should be able to understand the core vision of game creation and the steps involved in it until the final product is delivered. Those applying for games designer job profile need to highlight their recent work experience in the gaming industry. You can grab the recruiter’s attention by highlighting your responsibilities. You can mention responsibilities such as creating the rules for various games to make sure that the rules are balanced and make sense and the core responsibility of making sure that the games is fun to play.

As online gaming industry is rapidly growing, there is a remarkable demand for java programmers. Those candidates, who try to shift from regular programming job to game programming, need to focus on their programming experience and highlight the creative interactive projects they have created during their previous jobs. You can even highlight your freelance game programming work details. The recruiter is looking for candidates with strong programming background and flair towards creative game designing. Hence, you need to highlight your passion towards game development and gaming industry. Those with work experience in Java game programming need to provide the details of the various games developed by them. Create a different section where you can list these details. Use bullet points to list the URLs of the online games and mention the names of offline games you have created.

As you are applying for a job in the gaming industry, you can add you hobbies and personal liking that are related to the job profile. Mention your educational details starting with the most recent educational detail at the top, followed by the rest in reverse order. Those candidates who have attended any course or training, related to game creation, need to mention it in the resume. If you have attended any specialization training related to game development, mention it in your game resume. Provide details about the front end and back end you have used during game development.

It is important to send a unique resume, drafted according to the job requirements and company’s profile. Hence, on our site, we have provided different resumes for various job profiles in the gaming industry. You can use these game resume samples as guideline, when you draft your resume for jobs in the gaming industry. Most candidates applying for jobs in gaming industry try to use bright highlights or insert design templates in their resume to grab the employer’s attention. But it is recommended to keep your resume simple and professional. Avoid using bright highlights and design templates; use bold and italic styles to highlight important details.

The game resume samples provided here focus on your skills, experience and education related to the gaming field. Make sure you proof read your resume before you send it. Any error in your resume such as spelling, grammar or typographical mistake makes a bad impression on the recruiter.