While writing a construction resume, most of the job seekers fail to understand that the employers are most interested in the duration of the experience and the position one has worked in. The employer should understand whether the candidate has worked as a supervisor, contract labor, senior or assistant engineer, carpenters, mason, drywall expert, foreman, etc. This is essential, because the work profile that comes under construction section is much wider.

Here is the list of the various construction resumes:

  • Real Estate Agent Resume
  • Building Supervisor Resume

One thing the construction job seekers should understand is the value or the volume of the project he/she has worked for. Describing the project’s value and accomplishments could easily grab the employer’s attention and make him confident about the candidate’s capability. As the competition is severe due to economy crisis and increase in population, every attempt should be made in preparing a result-generating construction resume.

Before writing a construction resume, think about those efforts you take while constructing a project to attract more buyers to help your employer sell them within a record time, simply apply the same principle while constructing your resume. In both these attempts, you would be attracting someone. The former one is to attract the buyers, and the latter is to attract the possible employers.

Apart from the basic format that every resume follows, the one thing that stands out in a construction resume is the keywords of your field. The resume should include words that are prominent in a construction field. The resume should start with personal information that includes contact details and correspondence address. Then, write your career objectives, which should be about the type of improvements and benefits you can bring to the employer.

Thereafter, in the experience profile, state your current employment describing your position, the project you are working in, its value and stature, the period you have been working from and the duties you are performing.

After that, state your educational qualifications. List the recent degree, diploma or certification earned at the top in this section. Add the grade or percentage you have secured in during your academic qualifications. This will prove your intelligence to your employer.

Nowadays, most of the employers prefer references as they want to confirm about the candidate’s in general before providing an employment. If you want, you can include about your hobbies and other extra-curricular activities performed by you.

Construction Job description

Job description of people working in a construction sector could differ upon the position they are working in. For example, construction job requires many hands with different skills and caliber to work together all at a time to achieve the specific goals. It needs a team of engineers, architectures, supervisors, foreman, skilled, unskilled labors, etc.

The job description of the project engineers will be to plan and organize the manpower efficiently in order to complete the construction within a specified time. Their role will also include coordinating with subcontractors to keep a watch on the project’s budget. Different jobs are assigned to each engineer for a larger project where more engineers are required to work together.

For construction workers, their job description will be multi-tasking. They may need to operate the devices for cementing, concrete, plaster and other materials. Further, as per the need, they are required to transport material from godown to the site, load and unload it, remove damaged structures and debris from the construction site and dispose it, lend a helping hand in all types of installation work, etc.

As you are well informed about the things to be included in your construction resume, we are making it easier for you to choose from the various construction profiles. Just click on the links given below and have the freedom to select the resume that is matching your profile. All you have to do is cut and add your qualifications and experiences, and there you are ready with your resume to fetch you the job you have been pursuing, until now.