Clerk is the designation assigned to the person who takes care of official documents in an office, court, etc. A clerk prepares the paper works necessary for the completion of a particular task. It could be anything from preparing payrolls for employees salary, preparing invoices and bills for payment, entering data in a computer, and reports and papers filing.

Here is the list of the various clerk resumes:

  • Accounts Receivable Clerk Resume
  • Auto Title Clerk Resume
  • Admissions Clerk Resume
  • Admitting Clerk Resume
  • Audit Clerk Resume
  • Accounts Payable Clerk Resume
  • Bakery Clerk Resume
  • Bank Clerk Resume
  • Benefits Clerk Resume
  • Billing Clerk Resume
  • Booking Clerk Resume
  • Bookstore Clerk Resume
  • Box Office Clerk Resume
  • Budget Clerk Resume
  • Crew Clerk Resume
  • City Clerk Resume Template
  • Counter Clerk Resume
  • County Clerk Resume
  • Courtesy Clerk Resume
  • Church Clerk Resume
  • Circulation Clerk Resume
  • Claims Clerk Resume
  • Collection Clerk Resume
  • Computer Clerk Resume
  • Census Clerk Resume
  • Clerical Clerk Resume
  • Clinic Clerk Resume
  • Coding Clerk Resume
  • Data Clerk Resume
  • Data Entry Clerk Resume
  • Deputy Clerk Resume
  • Diet Clerk Resume
  • Document Control Clerk Resume
  • Dispatch Clerk Resume
  • Distribution Clerk Resume
  • Dairy Clerk Resume
  • Deli Clerk Resume
  • Desk Clerk Resume
  • Docket Clerk Resume
  • ER Clerk Resume
  • Express Clerk Resume
  • Emergency Room Clerk Resume
  • Escrow Clerk Resume
  • Export Clerk Resume
  • ER Registration Clerk Resume
  • Enrollment Clerk Resume
  • Entry Level Clerk Resume
  • File Room Clerk Resume
  • Front Office Clerk Resume
  • File Clerk Resume
  • Finance Clerk Resume
  • Food Clerk Resume
  • Field Assistant Clerk Resume
  • Floral Clerk Resume
  • Gas Station Clerk Resume
  • General Accounting Clerk Resume
  • General Clerk Resume
  • Grocery Stock Clerk Resume
  • Grocery Clerk Resume
  • Hospital Clerk Resume
  • Head Clerk Resume
  • Health Information Clerk Resume
  • Health Records Clerk Resume
  • Hospital Unit Clerk Resume
  • Hotel Desk Clerk Resume
  • Health Unit Clerk Resume
  • Him Clerk Resume
  • Hospital Ward Clerks Resume
  • Human Resources Clerk Resume
  • Import Export Clerk Resume
  • Index Clerk Resume
  • Inventory Control Clerks Resume
  • Imaging Clerk Resume
  • Insurance Clerk Resume
  • Information Clerk Resume
  • Judicial Law Clerk Resume
  • Law Firm Clerk Resume
  • Legal File Clerk Resume
  • Liquor Store Clerk Resume
  • Logistics Clerk Resume
  • Legal Records Clerk Resume
  • Law Clerk Resume
  • Law Office Clerk Resume
  • Loan Clerk Resume
  • Mail Clerk Resume
  • Mailroom Clerk Resume

Clerks are needed in every big and small company. They maintain all the necessary documents of a company. Their main responsibilities include proper filing and maintenance of records, and to contribute in the smooth functioning of the office. Clerks are considered the heartbeat of a company because in their absence, the daily routine work would be hampered to a greater extent.

Key Responsibilities

The responsibilities of an office clerk could be tremendous depending upon the size of the organization he is working in. Bigger the organization, greater is the responsibilities. They may even have to perform multi-tasking work and mould themselves as and when the need arises. Clerks have to collect information from various departments and store them in the system sorting it either alphabetically, numerically or according to the subject priority.

Just storing the information is not enough; they have to take care in retrieving the data as well without losing much of time. A regular check is required for the up-gradation of the files. They also have to make copies of confidential documents and if necessary hide it in a place where nobody could access it. Further, office clerks check the maintenance of the equipments used daily such as computers, fax machines, printers, etc.

Qualifications required for a clerk position

If you hold a high school diploma, you are eligible to apply for this position. Some employers may also prefer certification courses in business, typing and computers. Working knowledge in computer is a must nowadays since most of the businesses have shunned down the traditional use of files, and they prefer electronic storage.

It is better to start early and attain a program conducted by the school that provides work and study opportunities. Under this program, few schools offer students a summer job, which gives a platform to build their path of future. For small organizations, they may prefer the basic knowledge of English, computers and filing system. If you demonstrate your learning ability, they may provide you basic training about the system they are using for filing and retrieving databases.

Career Path

The career opportunities are tremendous for people interested in working as clerks. They can choose to work in a company, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, court, railways, bank, etc. A enough work experience as a clerk could fetch you the position of a senior clerk, and then one can finally as an office superintendent he grows in experience and confidence. You can also apply for the civil-service examination if you are interested in government jobs.

What you should include in clerk resume

The first communication you will make with the employer is through the resume. Like it is said ‘first impression is the last impression’, your resume should impress the employer at the first glance. It should excite him with an urge to meet you once the resume is scanned. As every component of a resume is crucial, the most important point is to describe your career objective. This will be the summary of what you want to achieve through the employment and want to offer the organization in return.

The next thing to include is your professional qualifications, which should speak about responsibilities shouldered by you and the tasks completed during the tenure. This is where you are selling yourself to the possible employer. Hence, it should speak a lot about your credentials.

Once you are done with this section, provide your education and other special skills details. List any other courses taken by you to enhance your clerical skills such as typing, computer, database management, etc. The last section will be the references. Before writing this section, take the permission of the person whose name you are providing as a reference.

If all these things are too much for you to take, help yourself through the links provided here to find out different clerk resumes. Choose the one that best fits the job you are applying and use it as a template to draft your clerk resume.