This article offers some information regarding the position of a Purchase Agent. In the first part you will see a short job description along with some duties and responsibilities a Purchase Agent has and in the second part you will find a sample resume which will highlight several aspects on how a professional resume should look like.

Purchasing agents handle the goods and services their company needs to get in order to maintain the operation process. They also are in charge of buying supplies or various services offered by outside contractors. Purchasing agents or buyers make sure their company have a good amount of supplies needed in order to function. They must try to balance quality with cost and make sure that the best deals are made. They mustn’t buy a service or a product whose quality is set at a much higher level than needed because it will be a completely waste of money.

You will see below a sample resume for this position. In order for your resume to be crisp and concise make sure you complete all the correct data, list all your qualifications and abilities which you think can qualify you for this position. Also write down your education, if you have any extra classes or special programs you attended, feel free to mention them. And lastly state your previous job employment and what were the duties and charges you had to take on. By filling all these sections correctly you will surely increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Sample Resume for Purchase Agent

James Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


I am looking for a position as a Purchase Agent where I can put in practice my amazing abilities on knowing how to spot a good deal and making sure I stick to the company’s budget.


I am attentive to details and very good at purchasing strategies. I am looking forward to be a part of a fast growing company.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent purchasing practices
  • Good understanding of business processes
  • Proficient with purchasing software
  • Sound experience in managing successful purchasing strategies
  • Skilled in dealing with external suppliers
  • Ability to pay attention to details
  • Responsible and trustworthy
  • Very capable of handling the tasks as required

Work Experience

Purchasing Agent, July 2004 – August 2007
Solutions Group,Columbia,NY
Duties and responsibilities

  • Developed and negotiated contracts
  • Recommended price improvements
  • Managed purchasing strategies with suppliers
  • Developed business relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Handled business activities to ensure complete achievement of goals
  • Analyzed market trends
  • Maintained optimal stock levels
  • Analyzed reports from the warehouse staff concerning the merchandise in storage


Associate Degree in Finance, Seashore Community College, Columbia, NY
Certified accounting courses


Achieved numerous successful acquisitions for the company

Areas of interest



References available upon request

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