Public Relations Agents are in charge of handling the overall public relations activities. They can work in various industries and their main responsibilities usually range from writing press releases and handling the media outlets to acting as the business’s spokesperson. Public Relations Agents are mainly responsible for creating and transmitting to the public a positive image of the organization. A good Public Relations Agent must be an excellent communicator, must have outstanding manners, a charismatic personality and the ability to think rationally and react promptly in a crisis situation.

When writing your Public Relations Agent resume it is important to highlight your personal and professional competencies as well as your former responsibilities and duties from your previous employment. Begin your resume by clearly stating your professional objective. Continue by mentioning all skills and abilities that recommend you for such a position. It is also important to mention any previous experience in public relations. Write all your responsibilities and successes if you had any. If you have someone willing to recommend you it is advisable to mention it in your resume. Do not forget to write your contact details in case employers want to get in touch with you.

Sample Resume for Public Relations Agent

Milton Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


From my point of view, a Public Relations Agent is responsible for performing basic public relations operations.


Looking for a position as a Public Relations Agent where I can use my skills and knowledge in order to properly fulfill my job responsibilities.


Self motivated, open minded and competent Public Relations Agent, with outstanding interpersonal skills, positive attitude and experience with public speeches, I am looking forward to increase the company’s notoriety and contribute to its success.

Skills and qualifications

  • Highly developed oral and written communication skills;
  • Excellent presentation skills;
  • Professional appearance and behavior;
  • Able to speak in public;
  • Speech clarity;
  • Oral comprehension;
  • Active listener;
  • Multi tasking abilities;
  • Results oriented and focused;
  • Attention to details;
  • Computer literate;
  • Able to work with Web Publishing, Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop;
  • Dynamic and self motivated;
  • Creative and innovative;

Work experience

Public Relations Agent,
Fashion Design Inc, 2005-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Transmitting a positive image of the fashion company;
  • Acting as the company’s spokesperson;
  • Writing press releases;
  • Scheduling meetings and organizing press conferences;
  • Promoting the company’s products;
  • Organizing launch products and sustaining public speeches.

Public Relations Agent,
Arlene Inc, 2001-2005

Duties and responsibilities

  • Closely collaborating with the marketing departments;
  • Implementing public relations strategies;
  • Establishing the annual PR budget;
  • Writing newspaper articles, newsletters, PR proposals;
  • Handling the website configuration.


Master’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations, Yale University
Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, Yale University

Achievements and affiliations

Member of the Public Relations Society of America

Areas of interest



Angelina Brown, Public Relations Manager at Fashion Design Inc

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