As a Parole Agent you will be responsible for handling individuals who got released from jail on early parole. Early parole means those individuals did not fulfill their whole sentence because they were released early by the Parole Board due to good behavior or other such reasons. Being a Parole Agent you will be assigned work cases of such individuals and it will be your duty to monitor and keep in touch weekly with them so as to assess the state in which they are in, both socially and mentally and it is your responsibility to determine based on this analysis if they are fitting well into society or represent a menace to it and need to be sent back to complete their full sentence.

Individuals who got paroled have several responsibilities such as: to not use illegal substances such as drugs, to get a job and keep it, and to provide reliable proofs and guarantees that they will no longer lead a life of crime. As a Parole Agent you are responsible to see that their duties and responsibilities are kept. A Parole Agent has several tools at his disposal for detecting individuals who brake these terms, such as random drug tests or employer review on the individuals’ work performance and so on. It is indeed an important job in the society as your instinct and decisions will most probably in some cases affect a lot of people, so you have to pay attention and be very good at the job.

When making a Parole Agent Resume, be sure to include skills and qualities that you possess and think might constitute an advantage for this job, since it is mainly based on skills, qualities and instinct, as well as previous work experience and duties you performed. Always remember this is only a guideline for you to use when composing your own resume.

Sample Resume for Parole Agent

Alfred James Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


As a Parole Agent I want to make sure that former offenders reintegrate into the society in a natural and smooth way.

Qualities and Skills

  • Amazing professional experience in correction and rehabilitation
  • Vast knowledge in criminal justice practices
  • Good ability to assist parole staff
  • Excellent ability to organize and conduct interviews and hearings
  • Good communication skills both verbally and written

Work Experience

Parole Agent,
State Government, Idaho
since 2001
Duties and responsibilities

  • Kept track of the individuals’ family history
  • Ensured a smooth transition for individuals who got released from prison early and had to face society’s rules again.
  • Analyzed individual’s eligibility for parole for risk assessments.
  • Made sure that former offenders no longer engaged in criminal activities by monitoring their evolution outside the prison


Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Idaho, 2000


Available upon request

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