The loan agent is the person who works inside a bank or a financial company. The loan agent helps the people that want to get a loan by providing them with the necessary information about the financial products they are interested in. A loan can be made for a house and it is called mortgage, for a car or for different objects in the house. A loan agent should be a patient person who is familiar with the financial products and who is always ready to explain all the details about the implications of a loan to future clients and also to help the older clients with aspects and information about the old loans.

In order to have the best resume for a loan agent job application you have to mention all the skills and responsibilities you can achieve inside the company. Also, don’t forget to mention the previous jobs you held that had the same profile, the knowledge you possess about financial products and the studies you have in the domain.

Sample Resume for Loan Agent

The loan agent’s purpose is to inform all the interested people about the loans in a bank or financial company and to help the existing clients keep in good condition previous loans and pay the monthly revenues in time.

Martin Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


My objective is to obtain the loan agent job in your company and to help the development of the loans department by getting new clients.


Hardworking person, with good communication abilities, I will be very happy to work in your company as loan agent and to contribute to the growth of the loan department by getting new clients.

Qualities and Skills

  • Good communication skills and abilities of negotiating with clients
  • Experience as a loan agent in different loan companies and banks in the past ten years
  • Availability of working after hours in order to achieve the monthly targets of loans approved

Work Experience

Loan Agent at World Bank, 2000-2010

Duties and responsibilities

  • Negotiating new loans with the clients of the bank
  • Bringing the necessary attention to the clients and assuring perfect services to them
  • Keeping record of the clients made and of the loans created
  • Participating at the meetings with the manager and the loan department


Bachelor degree in Finances and Banking, University of Texas


  • Dealt with various problems of the clients in the best way possible
  • Managed to close many loan contracts

Areas of interest

Loan Agent


Ben Stiffer,
Loan Manager,
World Bank, Texas

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