A life insurance agent is the person working for an insurance company that deals mainly with one type of insurance policies, namely the life insurance. S/he has to discuss with client, either face-to-face or via telephone, and to provide them with all the necessary information concerning this financial product. The life insurance agent has to know each detail of the policies he sells in order to convince the clients that they have to sign such a contract.

The life insurance agent has to analyze the clients financial situations and their needs in order to advice them properly on what type of life insurance to choose. After deciding on a policy, the insurance agent has to prepare all the paperwork and explain the terms and clauses stipulated in the contracts.

The resume for this position has to pinpoint your great communication and negotiation skills and your extensive knowledge in the insurance field. It is extremely important to note down all the prior jobs you held in the field as well as the education you have received in this area.

Sample Resume for Life Insurance Agent

James Dow
E-mail: James.dow@yahoo.com
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


My objective is to become part of your insurance team. I want to use my great communication and presentation skills to explain the benefits of life insurance policies to people and to make them sign with your company, thus increasing the overall profitability.


Communicative person, with sales skills, I am looking to be part of your insurance team and contribute to the growth of your life insurance department.

Qualities and Skills

  • Good communication abilities and power of convincing clients
  • Experienced life insurance agent
  • Ability of negotiating contracts with clients
  • Good organizational skills

Work Experience

Life Insurance Agent at ING Insurances, 2005-2011

Duties and responsibilities

  • Dealing with clients in order to close life insurance contracts
  • Presenting all the advantages and disadvantages of different types of life insurance policies
  • Advising on what policy to choose
  • Presenting types of payment
  • Preparing the paperwork


Bachelor’s degree in Finances and Banking, University of California
Training Courses for Insurances, University of California


I have managed to increase the profitability of the company by 20% in the first month

Areas of interest

Life Insurance Policies


Diana Mayor,
Insurance Manager,
ING Insurances California

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