A leasing agent has the same responsibilities as a loan agent; the difference consists in the fact that this professional is handling a particular type of loan, so to speak. He is in charge of meeting with the clients and explaining them the advantages of getting a leasing for buying a new or used car. The skills that a leasing agent should have are: negotiation abilities and good communication skills. Also important is that in the resume you mention the studies you have done or the classes you have followed in this field and also the previous positions you have occupied inside a leasing company, a bank or a financial company.

A leasing agent should always know all the details of the leasing products of the company he represents so he can transmit to his customers the best pieces of information regarding the leasing products. All those skills should be mentioned in your resume to prove to your employer that you know what this job is about and that you can face all the problems when they appear.

Sample Resume for Leasing Agent

Steve Dow
E-mail: Steve.dow@yahoo.com
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


The leasing agent is the person giving advice to clients about the best leasing contract which is in conformity with the individuals’ financial capability. The leasing agent is responsible for attracting as many clients as possible sign leasing contracts.


My objective is to obtain the leasing agent job position inside your leasing company. I intend to provide the company with the best results of my activity by increasing the number of clients in a very short period of time and by maintaining a constant increase throughout time


Very attentive to details and very communicative person, I am waiting to start working as a leasing agent inside your company and participating in this way to the growth of the leasing department of your financial company.

Qualities and Skills

  • Good communication skills and abilities of dealing with clients
  • Experience as a leasing agent in a financial company in the past years
  • Organized person

Work Experience

Leasing Agent at Financial Company of Texas,

Duties and responsibilities

  • Signing new leasing contracts with clients after exposing the leasing information
  • Taking part in the meetings between the manager and the leasing department and proposing new attractive terms and conditions to be included into the leasing contract so as to gain more clients
  • Keeping records of the existing leasing clients and the new ones
  • Negotiating and re-negotiating contracts with old and new clients


Bachelor degree in Finances and Banking, University of Texas


  • Obtained great results in the leasing department of the financial company I worked for- I was responsible for an increase of 20% in the first month

Areas of interest



Dan Martin,
Leasing Manager,

Financial Company, Texas

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