The following article will offer some guidance regarding the position of a Land Agent. The article begins by offering some details about the basic requirements and duties which come along with the Land Agent function. After the short job description, you will see a sample resume which is meant to assist you in the creating of your own particular curriculum.

A land agent offers his services to landowners and to buyers who are interested in purchasing the owner’s rights to his property. A land agent makes an assessment of the property based on various important factors. The agent is the connection between the landowner, agencies and the corporations that want to purchase the land or the mineral rights. The land agent is in charge of dealing with the buyer and the seller involved in the acquisition of the land and must make sure they both get what they want in terms of financial gains. To become such an agent one needs a bachelor’s degree in geology or a related field.

When creating a resume for a position as a Land Agent, make sure to highlight your previous experience working in this area as well as the personal qualities and professional competencies that recommend you for the job, this means what are you proficient in ,if you possess an outstanding ability to work with special programs or software etc. Make sure you mention your background education as well, what did you major in and if you took some extra certified classes or training programs this will help improve your resume and help you get the chance you need. Remember that the following resume is only offered to you as guidance.

Sample Resume for Land Agent

Donney Marsh Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


I am looking for a job as a Land Agent where I can render my services and knowledge and help landowners acquire the best deals on their properties.


I am very capable, trustworthy and I possess excellent negotiating skills. I wish to be part of your company and help contribute to its expansion and success.

Skills and qualifications

  • A vast experience in land assets
  • The ability to handle complex land documents
  • Excellent knowledge of topographic maps
  • Good in handling difficult acquisitions of land
  • A very good negotiator
  • Very communicative and determined
  • Diligent and dedicated in completing tasks and duties

Work experience

Land Agent, May 2006 • April 2008
Young Inc,Tennessee

Duties and responsibilities

  • In charge of progress reports
  • Sustained diplomatic relationships with customers
  • Managed cost estimations
  • Analyzed the soil and gathered samples
  • Closed the transaction between the parties involved
  • Informed the landowner about any changes regarding the project


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management,Oyster Community College,Tennessee
Master’s Degree in Agricultural Strategies,Northwest University,Tennessee

Areas of interest



References available upon request

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