An insurance agent has the duty to meet with customers and present the insurance policies available at the company and which are in compliance with the beneficiary’s financial situation. This professional has to be highly attentive to details and has to quickly understand what the clients are looking for in order to advice them in what direction to look, meaning what type of insurance fits their needs. They have to explain all the details of the contract and the way in which payment is processed, to prepare the forms to be completed, to maintain in close connection with the customers and to make sure that there are no overdue payments.

The resume should state the education you have received in the insurance field as well as the experience you have acquired throughout time. 

Sample Resume for Insurance Agent

The insurance agent is the person you go to when you want to ensure that the things or people that you care about are protected. This professional sells insurance policies meant to provide a sense a security in our lives.

Johnson Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


I am looking for a position as an insurance agent in your insurance company. It is my objective to help people choose the type of insurance that fits both their needs and their financial capability.


Highly trained and experienced Insurance Agent, I’m looking forward to start working in your insurance department and close as many deals as possible, in this way improving the performance of the company

Qualities and Skills

  • Extensive knowledge in the insurance domain
  • Professional competence
  • Highly developed communication and negotiation skills

Work Experience

Insurance Agent at Allianz Insurances, 2004-2010

Duties and responsibilities

  • Discussing with clients in order to understand their needs
  • Presenting them the products that the company has to offer
  • Capable of stressing the advantages of the policies in order to convince the clients to sign the contract
  • Preparing the necessary paperwork
  • Keeping track of the contracts signed
  • Verifying if the clients have paid their premiums in due time


BS in Finance, University of Texas
Insurance Agent training at the University of Texas


  • Increased the number of policies sold in the first month by 15%

Areas of interest



Martha Wilson,
Insurance manager
Allianz Insurances, Texas

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