A Hotel Front Desk Agent is a person who makes bookings, room reservations, offers information to the hotel’s guests and receives payments from customers. He works in motels, hotels and spas. The Hotel Front Desk Agent has to be able to communicate easily with people, understand their needs, provide pertinent information and solve the visitors’ complaints in a positive way. He is the liaison between the hotel’s guests and the hotel personnel. He must always be polite and willing to help guests.

When writing a resume for this kind of job, make sure that you emphasize the qualities that make you suitable for this position, such as good communication skills, patience, or the ability of working with people.

Sample Resume for Front Desk Agent

James Allen Dow
E-mail: James.dow@yahoo.com
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


I am looking for a position as a Front Desk Agent in a hotel or resort where I can use my interpersonal and communication skills in order to provide good services to the establishment’s guests.

Skills and qualifications

  • Optimistic, dynamic, energetic and hard working
  • Exceptional communicational abilities
  • Enjoy working with people and meeting new people
  • Like to learn new things
  • Open minded
  • Work well under pressure
  • Correct, honest and responsible
  • Curious, strong will, always ready to help others

Work experience


Hotel Front Desk Agent at Cupid’s Chalet, Pittsburg
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Taking phone calls
  • Responding to emails received from the hotel’s clients
  • Making reservations for the guests
  • Welcoming guests in our hotel
  • Providing them pertinent information about the hotel’s services
  • Preparing a weekly report for the staff manager
  • Contacting the hotel’s suppliers every two weeks

Education and training

Master’s diploma in Public Relations, University of Pittsburg, 2006
Completed a training on “How to communicate efficiently” from the University of Pittsburg, 2005
Bachelor’s diploma in French Literature, University of Pittsburg, 2004


Made sure that the hotel’s guests are receiving the best services and information
Solved interpersonal issues in a positive manner and with the best results Employee of the year in 2009

Areas of interest

Customer Service
Public Relations


Paula May
Staff responsible at Cupid’s Chalet, Pittsburg
Email: paula.may@cupidschalet.com

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