A Customer Service Agent can be seen in all kinds of areas. But no matter in what industry does a Customer Service Agent work; some of his qualities must always be the same. This is why the Customer Service Agent must be smart, presentable and eager to give information to the client.

He must have a positive attitude in all circumstances. This job consists of assisting the customers or clients with different problems or requests. The most important responsibility is to handle complaints and queries of customers in a professional, kind and tactful manner.

The resume given below will provide you with some tips about how to improve your own CV. Make sure that you have written the correct information, if you want to be asked for an interview.

Sample Resume for Customer Service Agent

James Dow
E-mail: James.dow@yahoo.com
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


I am an experienced Customer Service Agent and wish to associate myself with an organization where I can deliver quality performance on a regular basis.

Skills and qualifications

  • Very good oral and written communication skills
  • Well organized
  • Self confidence and self motivated
  • Open minded
  • Customer oriented and problem solver

Work experience

Costumer Service Agent, Royal Queen Market 2009 to present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with clients
  • Providing high quality customer service
  • Selling the company’s products
  • Dealing with complaints from the customer
  • Follow ups from our clients in order to see what we should improve with our services
  • Providing explanations to customers on the origin and nature of the problem.
  • Retrieving customer queries by telephone or e-mail and work out and sending answer to customer
  • Coordinating and supervising the assignment of supplementary helpdesk resources

Customer Service Assistant
Duties and responsibilities 2007 to 2009

  • Helping the customer service to solve any problems that we had with the clients
  • Setting the prices on the products
  • Greeting the customers when they walked into the shop
  • Helping the client with the products if he asked

Education and training

A Master’s degree in Client Communication Seattle University, 2007
A Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Law Seattle University, 2005

Areas of interest



References will be given on request