The County Extension Agent is an individual who works for public institutions from different counties where he/she is responsible for the support in the agriculture, community economy development or in community social development. The County Extension Agents have a large range of responsibilities that may vary depending on the domain they are working in. They must possess excellent academic preparation in the domain that they are going to be working in, for example agriculture or community development. They must be able to identify the community’s needs and prepare an extension program that is meant to help the community. For example, they can help the farmers improve their productions by teaching them new techniques or helping them obtain subventions from the government. They will have to prepare meetings and events that are going to promote the county extension program.

In case someone needs help or information regarding the improvements that may be done in agriculture or animal keeping, he/she can come to the County Extension Agents and obtain the information they need. The County Extension Agents are also involved in actions that are meant to develop the youth’s social skills and develop programs that are going to help the young people at risk. They must be able to train volunteers and make them understand the importance of the extension programs. The County Extension Agents also have a very important administrative responsibility because they have to take care of all the paperwork related to their activities and make sure that the budgets are being respected.

A good resume can help you obtain a County Extension Agent position. You must take into consideration the fact that this sort of position requires at least a master’s diploma in agriculture or a related field. Also, a diploma in resource management is a great advantage. In your resume, you should also talk about the achievements that you obtained working as a County Extension Agent.

Sample Resume for County Extension Agent

I am aware of the complexity of my work. I have to be able to implement the extension strategies and to run all the activities.

James Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


Looking for a County Extension Agent position in a public institution where I can use my skills and preparation.


Enthusiastic and hard working County Extension Agent with excellent organizational abilities looking forward working as a part of your team.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Creative, communicative and determined
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Excellent communication and organizational abilities
  • Excellent agriculture knowledge

Work Experience:

Fort Worth Center
County Extension
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the local authorities and community representatives
  • Understand the community’s needs and develop an extension program that responds to these needs
  • Offer information and guidance regarding the agricultural improvements
  • Coordinate the teams’ activities

Education and training:

Master’s diploma in Agriculture Engineering at the University of Texas


Helped in an efficient manner the local community

Areas of interest:

Community Support


References upon request

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