This article will offer you some guidance regarding the function of a Commercial Leasing Agent. You will have a better understanding on what his job implies, what are the duties and responsibilities that come along with this position. And in the second part you will have a sample resume to help guide you in creating your own professional curriculum.

A leasing agent offers his services to landlords. A Leasing agent’s earnings are according to how much work he puts into his career. For example how many tenants he finds in a month. Such an agent needs to possess very good negotiating skills and the ability to find qualified lessees. Landlords require the leasing agents to find suitable tenants for their properties and also for a good price. The leasing agent is a professional who is hired to render services to the landlord, so the lessees must take full responsibility for making sure that the place where they live and the clauses of the contract are according to their requirements.

Please remember that a resume should be crisp and very well put together. Your employer will form an opinion as soon as he takes a glance at your resume. That is why you must have the correct data starting with your personal information, qualities and aptitudes, your education, where did you go to school, what diplomas do you own and in what areas. Also your experience is an important part of your resume. So be sure to mention all these and you will surely increase your chances to be contacted by a company or an employer. Bear in mind that the resume below is only a sample to help you.

Sample Resume for Commercial Leasing Agent

Marcus Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


I am looking for a position as a Commercial Leasing Agent where I can render my full time services to a company and close many successful leasing contracts.


I am very motivated and ambitious to succeed in this line of work. I have great interpersonal skills and I am very anxious in being a part of your company’s team and help contribute to its success.

Qualities and Skills

  • Remarkable experience in real estate procedures
  • A solid understanding of commercial leasing and sales
  • A very good negotiator
  • Good at maintaining stable relationships with potential lessees
  • Excellent ability to close deals
  • Very driven and ambitious in performing my goals

Work Experience

Commercial Leasing Agent, April 2004 – Present
Lawson & CO ,Missouri

Duties and responsibilities

  • Administered call and emails
  • Managed lease transaction for clients
  • Handled new deals
  • Submitted new leases for approval
  • Generated expense reports
  • Executed legal paperwork
  • Kept an accurate database on tenants


Associate Degree in Commerce,Bowman Community College,Missouri
Certified Courses in Accounting

Areas of interest

Public relations


Available upon request

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