The articles provides some details concerning the Chat Agent job and what a person has to do to become a professional in this line of work.

Chat agents act as a connection between customers and the companies who deliver products or render services. Chat agents are responsible for managing and solving customer inquiries or concerns. They are also known as customer service representatives. Chat agents must always put a ‘smile’ in their chat voice. This way they are always at your service and polite. A chat agent must always comprehend the needs of the customer and always assist him with a sale or service.

This resume is offered to you as a guidance so please keep in mind that when you write your resume you must put in real facts concerning your life. For example, your aptitudes, where and how you acquired them; if you have any courses or diplomas to certify your ability to work with a computer or certain applications, feel free to mention them in your curriculum. It must be concise and contain the correct information. If you give out incorrect facts this might be a disadvantage and you will not be contacted for future employment. So make sure all your data is up to date and correct.

Sample Resume for Chat agent

James Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


I am looking for a position as a Chat Agent where I can put to use my amazing public relations skills and help fulfil and handle the customer’s queries or complaints.


A well organized and assertive Chat Agent, I want to help your organization gain a trustworthy reputation so that clients have the certainty to trust your chat agents.

Qualities and Skills

  • Solid knowledge of all chatting modes
  • Excellent knowledge of principles and processes
  • The ability to offer the best personal service
  • Excellent ability in maintaining a positive attitude in high-stress environment
  • Very adaptive when it comes to changing technologies or environments
  • Ability to work and make crucial decisions
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Amazing communicator
  • Well organized
  • Persuasive and self-motivated person

Work Experience

Chat Agent, April 2005 • October 2008
Sweden Corp.,Filmore,CA

Duties and responsibilities

  • Stay focused on product features
  • Provided any type of consultative solutions to clients
  • Ask questions and clarify the need of the customer to make the chat as efficient and effective as possible
  • Maintain the customer’s attention and make the most efficient use of chat time
  • Acknowledge the customers points and concerns
  • Always reassure the clients that you have understand his concern and you will do your best to try and help him


Associate Degree in Public relations, North Community College, Filmore, CA
Certified Courses on management strategies


Available upon request.