The Border Patrol Agent is a person who represents the law. He works at the borders of a country and he has to supervise the borders by using surveillance cameras and infrared sensors. He is also in charge of supervising the traffic, checking merchandise, forbidding the illegal immigrants to access the country.

He is also responsible for preventing smuggling and illegal entries in a country. The Border Patrol Agent must have a great sense of duty, responsibility and honesty. He must also have certain training in weapon handling, fighting and army equipment handling. It is also important to have a good body shape.

If you want to elaborate a pertinent resume for the position of a Border Patrol Agent you must mention your qualities like responsibility, communication skills, and honesty. Do not forget to mention all your previous experience in the related field.

Sample Resume for Border Patrol Agent

Milton Andrew
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


I want to be a Border Patrol Agent in order to use my skills and qualities for serving the interests of my country.

Skills and qualifications

  • Energetic, dynamic, optimistic, willing to work hard
  • Handle well stressful situation and good work under pressure
  • Organized, honest, sense of duty, obedient, patient
  • Self confident and self motivated
  • Good body constitution and fighting techniques, body resistance
  • Knowledge of weapon handling and army equipment use

Work experience

Border Patrol at the Custom and Border Patrol Texas,
Sector Del Rio (2009-present)

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Prepare the military equipment before shifts
  • Keep in good shape the military equipment
  • Secure the border area during shifts
  • Verify the passengers’ papers according to the standard procedures
  • Act according to the procedures in case of any violation of the USA’s laws
  • Maintain the order during shifts

Internship at the 81st Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), Oklahoma (2008-2009)

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Participating at weapon handling trainings
  • Participating at fighting techniques trainings
  • Participating at army equipment maintenance
  • Assuring that the equipments are in good state and ready to be used
  • Participating at army simulations

Education and training

Cadet in the United States of America Army, Infantry, St. Johns Military Academy, Texas, 2009
Spanish courses at the University of Texas, 2009
French courses at the University of Texas, 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Law, University of Texas, 2008


Graduated first in my class at the Academy

Areas of interest



Paulo Contreras
Major of the Unites States of America Army – 81st Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), Oklahoma

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