The Artist Agent is a specialist that under a written agreement with a performer or an artist, and is acting on his/her behalf and on his/her account to identify opportunities for implementation or interpretation of literary or artistic works. The Artist Agent develops and supports and promotes the artistic offers of the artists s/he represents to customers, has specialized discussions and negotiates both the standard clauses in contracts between artists and beneficiaries as well as the specific work of artists.

The Artist Agent has many responsibilities and tasks such as art market prospecting, artistic offers elaboration, artist’s selection, talent promotion of artists, conclusion of contracts for artists, negotiating contracts for artistic offers with beneficiaries, assisting in the conclusion of contracts between artists and beneficiaries, monitoring the contracts and their accomplishment.

If you are considering applying for such a job, you have to know first how to “trade” yourself. Making an excellent impression about you and your skills, experience and aptitudes may be the introduction of your own successful story.

Sample Resume for Artist Agent

Steve Jobs
Mobile: +125 4585 6654


The Artist Agent is the intermediary between the artist and the beneficiary who aims to ensure the success of the artistic act and the satisfactory completion of contracts for both parties, in order to promote the artist.


My objective is to develop your success. Through an effective prospection of the market and adapting to market demands the artistic qualities, I proposed myself to be the actively involved factor of your successful story.


Dynamic, motivated and persuasive Artist Agent, having excellent communication skills and a great, positive personality, I am willing to collaborate with you so that together we achieve our goals.

Qualities and Skills:

  • dynamic person with persuasive abilities;
  • artistic knowledge and speaker of several foreign languages;
  • successful experiences with many renowned artists
  • detached, courageous, focused on work

Work Experience:

Artist Agent for various artists, 2006- 2010
Duties and responsibilities:

  • musical art market research;
  • evaluation of unconsecrated artists and selection of consecrated artists;
  • promoting the artists
  • enlisting artists to various auditions
  • negotiated contracts for various performances
  • maintained contact with the media and informed the public about the tours of the artists
  • planned all the aspects of the tours


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance at the University of Science and Arts, Oklahoma
  • Artist Agent Training Course


  • I obtained important projects and collaborations for various artists
  • I have successfully completed the projects and collaborations that we had;
  • I collaborated with renowned artists and got extremely important contracts worldwide

Areas of Interest:

  • Artistic Department
  • Department of Art and Sciences
  • History of Arts Department


Available upon request.