This is an article about the Airline Ticketing Agent position. We offer you a short description of the work that an Airline Ticketing Agent must perform and some details regarding the elaboration of a resume when applying for this position. The resume that you will find at the end of the article is going to help you understand the main steps in the creation of a CV.

The Airline Ticketing Agent is a person who works in an airport where he/she sells plane tickets to the passengers and they usually get a training session before they start working. The Airline Ticketing Agents are the ones who ensure the passengers’ check in and assign them their places on the plane. In case the passengers need information related to the flights or schedules, the Airline Ticketing Agents are there to help them out. They must also re-book the passengers who have missed their flights. They have to weigh the luggage and attach labels on it. Another responsibility of the Airline Ticketing Agent is to announce the arrivals and departures of planes and they must prepare the Flight Attendants equipment.

Your resume must be well written because it will help you get selected by the employers. If you want to get the Airline Ticketing Agent position, describe your skills and qualifications because that will give your prospective employers the chance to see if you are fit for the job or not. Another important point is represented by the education and training that you possess. Do not forget your objective and your personal information.

Sample Resume for Airline Ticketing Agent

Alicia Silver
Mobile: +124 5852 5648
Address: Ava Street, New York


Looking for an Airline Ticketing Agent position in an airport where I can use my skills for the best functioning of the airport front desk services.


I am an optimistic, energetic and a hard working Airline Ticketing Agent with outstanding communication skills and able to handle pressure well; eager to be a part of your staff.

Skills and qualifications

  • Orderly and focused
  • Responsible, attentive to details and dynamic
  • Sociable and communicative
  • Able to work as part of a team, but also individually
  • Able to stand for a long period of time

Work experience

Airline Ticketing Agent at the International Airport in Chicago (2008-present)

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Talk to the passengers and sell them tickets taking into account their preferences
  • Weigh the passengers’ luggage and make sure that it corresponds to the airline company’s regulations
  • Book flights
  • Offer information to the passengers
  • Prepare the Flight Attendants equipment
  • Validate the passengers’ tickets

Education and training

Bachelor’s diploma in Social Assistance at the University of Chicago
French and Spanish courses at the University of Chicago

Areas of interest

Social Assistance
Foreign Languages
Customers Service


References upon request.