An Airline Ramp Agent is a person who is responsible for carrying luggage and food supplies to the aircraft. In this kind of activity, physical strength and energy are very important because it involves lifting, pushing and pulling a lot of heavy objects. You also have to be able to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment.

If you want to obtain this kind of job, you must be hard working, responsible, attentive to details and reliable. An Airline Ramp Agent is also a person who does all the maintenance of the plane. Along with this he has to also de-ice the plane’s wings, keep the engine free from any debris and signal the flights with orange flashlights the runway.

If you want to have an attractive resume, you must mention all the qualities that make you proper for the job. You must also include any experience in this kind of activity and all the responsibilities that you had to fulfill on your prior jobs.

Sample Resume for Airline Ramp Agent

Mark James
Address: 1420 Twin Willow Lane
Phone: 123-450-1442


Obtaining an Airline Ramp Agent position within an airline company where I can use my qualities to ensure smooth take off for the flights.

Qualities and skills

  • Optimistic, energetic, willing to work hard
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Capable to work in a team, but also individually
  • Responsible, honest, organized, patient
  • Strong body constitution
  • Open minded
  • Sociable, willing to communicate

Work experience

since 2005

Airline Ramp Agent at Norwood Memorial Airport,
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Transporting luggage and food supplies to the aircraft
  • Secured the transport of the baggage and its right placement in the aircraft
  • Helped recuperate misplaced luggage
  • Loading and unloading luggage as fast as possible
  • Keeping the supervisors posted about the status of the transportation
  • Maintaining work devices in good shape
  • Signalizing the runway with flashlights
  • De-icing the plane’s wings


Security agent at Community Bank in Boston,
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Supervising and maintaining order during working hours
  • Protecting employees during working hours
  • Supervising money transportation
  • Dealt with customers who were looking for information
  • Supervising the volt room during the night shifts


Spanish courses at the Community Center in Boston, 2002
High-school diploma, Boston High-School, 2000


Best results in securing money transportation
Employee of the year (2003, 2004)
Never lost any luggage

Areas of interest

Airlines Company


Will be furnished upon request