A Tour Accountant is in charge of all the financial operations that are involved in a concert tour. In most cases, the employee has to report to the tour manager all of the issues concerning the financial operations and also report to the business manager regarding the overall financial reporting. He/she is responsible for taking care of the periodical financial transactions, including here per diem draw, the box office receipts that are collected at the settlement, currency exchanges when going on international tours, hotel settlement as well as local tax issues.

Professionals working in the Human Resources field recommend those who want to apply for a job, regardless of its type, to write in their resume only the information which will be relevant to the person in charge of screening the applications. For this reason, your resume must be focused on the important details, work experience and educational details. For this job, those who are responsible for hiring a Tour Accountant will prefer to hire a candidate that is a Certified Public Accountant with solid understanding of accounting principles and GAAP.

Tour Accountant Resume Sample

Peter Donovan
Email: peter.donovan@ynka.com
Mobile: +124 5466 7848


A Tour Accountant has to participate in the application of the specific accounting guidelines that are provided by the chief accountant for tour operations who also provides the internal control procedures.


Seeking for a job as a Tour Accountant where my in depth knowledge of accounting and previous expertise in the domain will be valued.


I am a self-motivated and ambitious person, capable of working long hours in order to meet the given deadlines. I am an open and friendly person, capable of adapting to new environments in a timely manner.

Qualities and skills

  • In depth knowledge of accounting principles and GAAP
  • Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience as a tour accountant
  • Fully capable of managing various projects at the same time
  • Able to interact with associates in a timely manner
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written

Work Experience

Tour Accountant for Rock High Avenue Band, Chicago, Illinois, 2000-2011

Duties and responsibilities

  • Taking care of all the financial transactions, including currency exchanges
  • Acting as a “conduit” between the business management and the accounting firm
  • Taking care of the hotel settlements, local taxes and per diem distribution
  • Responsible for making deposits and the transportation of money orders
  • Solving both direct and indirect wire transfers


Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Illinois State University, Illinois


Earned Public Accountant certification
Gathered extensive experience as a Tour Accountant for an internationally recognized band
Successfully took care of all the financial transactions related to the tours

Areas of interest

Business Management


Victor Carlton
Business Manager
Rock High Avenue Band

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