The following article offers information about the job description of a Reinsurance Accountant. You will be able to learn more about the main duties and responsibilities that such an employee has to fulfill and we will also help you write a better resume by sharing a few instructions. We advise you to use the information below only as a guide for your resume which has to consist of facts about yourself, like where you are working/have worked before, educational qualifications, skills, abilities as well as other facts that you think should be included in the CV. For the second part of the article we have included a resume template to help you even further.

A Reinsurance Accountant has to participate during the verification of the contract terms and accounting structure. He/she is responsible for reviewing the assigned accounting documentation, along with verifying if the information is compliant with the conditions and terms of applicable treaties. Other tasks that they have to fulfill include: processing accounts, reviewing the completeness of the information, researching & reconciling accounting information and assisting the company’s clients whenever necessary.

After you have finished writing your resume, we advise you to read it for several times and make sure that it contains only the necessary information. By necessary we are talking about the facts that will be of interest to the person in charge of reviewing the candidates. They are interested to find out which were your job responsibilities where you have worked before, what are your educational qualifications and other similar information so that they can have a clearer image of you and make the suitable decision. The managers responsible for hiring a Reinsurance Accountant are looking for those candidates that have solid understanding of the Property and Casualty insurance and they also value those with good process premium and accounting standards skills.

Reinsurance Accountant Resume Sample

Martha Jefferson
Contact No.: 9654 777 56


A Reinsurance Accountant will be responsible for investigating, evaluating and solving the assumed reinsurance by handling the claims management and all of the reinsurance inquires.


I am currently searching for a job as a Reinsurance Accountant for a company where my experience and skills in this domain will be put to good use and where I will be able to expand my professional expertise in the domain.


I consider myself as being a highly motivated person with excellent analytical skills, fully capable of handling any accounting situations in a timely and efficient manner.

Qualities and skills

  • Solid understanding of accounting principles
  • Extensive experience in Casualty insurance
  • Familiar with reviewing, preparing and processing premium and loss reports
  • Perfect problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

Work Experience

Reinsurance Accountant at ToC Financial Services United, Des Moines, Iowa
Duties and responsibilities

  • Investigating, evaluating and resolving all of the assumed insurances
  • Handling reinsurance inquires and claims management
  • Reviewing account reconciliations
  • Calculating, booking and paying premium true-ups
  • Conducting follow up with collections in order to guarantee suitable payment to the client


Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Iowa State University, Iowa


  • Efficiently researched and reconciled the accounting information by using the suitable resources and systems
  • Collaborated with the company’s clients regarding the state insurance regulations
  • Managed to elaborate periodic reports and term adjustments, whenever necessary

Areas of interest

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Economy


Steven T. Phillips
ToC Financial Services United, Des Moines, Iowa

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