Managerial accountants are in charge of allocating costs to various companies and analyze any financial data. This individual is also in charge of budget forecasting and finding ways for a company to save money and offer recommendations to the company. One must have a degree in accounting or a related field, and some previous experience with these types of operations. This person should be very dedicated, have solid computer skills and have excellent presentation skills in order to represent the best financial choice to choose from.

Your resume must reflect your professional abilities, competences and achievements. Create a very organized and well-balanced resume so that you can increase your chances into getting contacted for a job interview. Make sure to mention details related to your professional experiences and if you think that is not enough, then feel free to add any extra seminars or certifications you might have. This way the employer will form an overall perspective and will see your level of competences. Remember the following resume is just a sample.

Managerial Accountant Resume Sample

Larry Jones
Address: Roof Street, Nebraska


Looking for a position as managerial accountant, where I can put to practice my vast experience in this domain, along with my excellent problem solving skills to procure the best financial solutions.

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong interpersonal abilities
  • Very experienced
  • Proficient in computer programs
  • Good time management abilities
  • Exceptional problem solving skills
  • Solid background in accounting procedures
  • Able to handle any financial reports
  • Good presentation skills

Work Experience

Management Accountant, August 2010 – Present
Pigeon International, Nebraska
Duties and responsibilities

  • Offered financial support
  • In charge of monthly budgeting
  • Monitored and calculated the annual budgets
  • Made calculations related to taxes and extra costs
  • Entered financial data in the database
  • Verified fiscal documents
  • Made presentation related to budgets and product costs


Master’s Degree in Finance, Ash University, Nebraska
Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Gold College, Nebraska


Managed to solve various financial challenges which the company had to deal with

Areas of interest



References available upon request

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