An international accountant is responsible in making sure that the internal policies are in accordance with rules and regulations. One must also take into account the fact that financial analysis is also important when working as an international accountant. Here are several requirements for this type of job: international accountants should know accounting practices used in other countries because they will work with businesses that have locations all over the world. They should know at least one language and solid knowledge of internal audit procedures and accounting principles.

You must always keep in mind that your resume is one of the most important parts of your future application. It must be done according to your personal facts. Remember to give accurate information, starting with your contact details to your previous job employment. Make sure you also list your abilities and professional qualifications. Mention your prior jobs and add some information regarding your educational history. If you also possess any extra course or you have attended training programs which you might think are relevant for your resume, feel free to mention them as well. All these factors will contribute to an impressive and solid curriculum. Remember that the resume below can only be used as a sample!

Sample International Accountant Resume

Ronnie Deep
Address: Flower Street, Indiana


An international Accountant works with various corporations who have headquarters all over the world. So he must be familiar with taxes, foreign laws and regulations.


Looking for a position as an International Account where I can put to good use my solid accounting knowledge and provide professional advice to clients.


I am very motivated, proactive and attentive to details. I wish to be part of your company where I can also make a contribution and help improve its strategies and ensure its success.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Extensive experience in foreign transactions
  • Excellent knowledge regarding the international financial services industry
  • In depth-knowledge of accounting principles
  • Proficient with software accounting programs
  • Stress resistance
  • Very motivated and a good communicator
  • Very reliable and able to prioritize my duties

Work experience:

International Accountant, July 2007 – Present
Viktor Rolf Accounting, Indiana

  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Updated the database
  • Managed analytical reviews
  • Verified international balance sheets
  • In charge of bank reconciliations
  • Calculated bank fees
  • Managed to answer audit queries
  • Resolved any complaints and major problems


Master’s Degree in Foreign Accounting, Boston University, Tennessee
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Tulip College, Louisiana
Certified accountant course


Performed successful audits

Areas of interest:



References available upon request

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