Forensic accountants perform audits and supervise different businesses. Forensic accountant examine accounting practices and make sure that no illegal activities occurred, such as fraud. Forensic accountants are called to testify or verify when a company is being suspected and audited. In order to become a forensic accountant, one must obtain an accounting degree and a certification in forensic accounting. Some proven experience would ensure one’s position in a company. Other qualifications to work as a forensic accountant is to be an excellent communicator, be a good investigator and posses analytical thinking abilities.

One of the most important parts of you job application is your resume. The first impression you make is related to your impressive or not so impressive curriculum. You must always list some qualifications and skills. Your previous jobs also count because they reveal your preparation to undertake a current job offer. Include relevant details about your education. If you obtained extra degrees or you joined specialized training courses, add them in your curriculum. Keep in mind that the following curriculum can only be used for guidance purposes and that your resume should be tailored accruing to your professional experiences and facts.

Sample Forensic Accountant Resume

Kevin Egg
Address: Yolk Street, Mississippi


Looking for a position as a forensic accountant where I can prove my outstanding abilities in this line of work and help law enforcement discover any illegal activities within companies or organizations.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Solid knowledge of forensic accounting
  • Proven ability to analyze and interpret financial records
  • Good time management skills
  • Very ambitious and attentive to details
  • Good leadership skills
  • A good organizer
  • Tactful and dedicated

Work Experience:

Forensic Accountant, August 2010 – Present
B&B; Consultancy., Mississippi
Duties and responsibilities

  • Applied accounting principles to perform evaluation methods on company files
  • Conducted forensic analysis
  • Verify the information
  • Offered advice and choices
  • Performed case analysis techniques
  • Investigated the company’s financial standards
  • Performed testimony duties
  • Offered assistance to law enforcement agents


Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, B&W; University, Mississippi


Helped solved many fraud cases

Areas of interest:



References available upon request

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