The call center agents work either in the outbound or in the inbound department. This means that they either contact clients in order to present certain products, to conduct surveys or to receive feedback on particular products or services, or they are being called by customers who have questions or complaints. The call center agent has to be polite and has to know very well the products and services provided by the company he is working for in order to best meet the clients’ demands.

The resume for this position should highlight your experience in working at a call center and your potential to offer quality services over the phone. For this it is necessary to have great communication skills and persuasion abilities.

Sample Resumes for Call Center Agent

The call center agent is the person with highly developed communication skills who contacts client over the phone in order to promote products or services or to handle complaints and inquiries.

Juli Marcel Dow
Mobile: +121 2254 5542
Address: #785 2nd Street, NY


My objective is to work as a call center agent in your company. The purpose of my work is to find as many clients as possible for your products and services and to solve as many problems as necessary for the existing clients of your company.


Communicative person, with extraordinary abilities of interacting effectively over the phone, I will be pleased to work in your company and help increase your profit

Qualities and Skills

  • good communication and negotiation abilities
  • capable of dealing with angry customers
  • patient
  • telephone manner
  • professional behavior
  • team player

Work Experience

Call Center agent at Call Duty Enterprise, 2008-2011
Duties and responsibilities

  • contacted potential clients and presented them the products of the company
  • explained how the products function and how much their usage will improve the clients lifestyle
  • convinced clients to purchase the products
  • recorded their personal information and established a day of delivery
  • dealt with complaints in an effective manner
  • handled angry customers and managed to calm them down


Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, University of California
Training Courses for communication abilities, University of California

Areas of interest

Human interaction
Techniques for effective communication


Andrew Crane,
Call Center Manager,
Call Duty Enterprise, California

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