The bank accountant has almost the same duties as an accountant working in any other type of company. The bank accountant is responsible for creating records of all the transactions occurring in the bank and of keeping them updated. It is also the responsibility of the bank accountant to work on the bank’s balance sheet and to prepare weekly, monthly and yearly financial statements.

The candidate for this position should be extremely knowledgeable in accountancy and should have experience in the domain. This will help them work easily with numbers and they will not be inclined to make mistakes as novices do.

In the second part of the article you can find a resume sample for a bank accountant which is designated to help write the best resume when applying for this particular job. You have to write the professional goals that you have and the skills that are helping you achieve these goals.

Sample Bank Accountant Resume

Angela Marin
Mobile: +123 4546 1254


The bank accountant is the person responsible for recording all of the bank’s financial transactions and for keeping book registry for bank operations. Being a good bank accountant requires a lot of attention to numbers and a lot of responsibility in book-keeping


My objective is to obtain the bank accountant job inside your bank. I aim at thoroughly managing the records of the bank’s monetary operations.


With an experience of several years of working as a bank accountant, I am waiting to start working in your bank and to affirm myself through my work.

Qualities and Skills

  • Attention to numbers and to values
  • Communication abilities with the other bank departments and bank clients
  • Abilities of fast controlling the other departments in the accountancy operations performed
  • Organized person

Work Experience

Bank Accountant at West Bank of Miami,

Duties and responsibilities

  • Making bank documents such as payment orders to suppliers
  • Recording the operations made during a day, a month or a year
  • Making, recording and verifying the invoices received and made
  • Making monthly declarations of taxes and contributions to the state


Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, University of Miami
Special classes in bank accountancy at the University of Miami


  • Implemented a good accountant software in the bank I worked
  • Developed great relationships with all the clients and suppliers in my area of working

Areas of interest



Judith Adams,
Bank manager,
West Bank, Miami