An accountant is a specialist in financial information. Accounting means obtaining assurance concerning financial information, by means of measurement, disclosure or delivery of assurance. This is the base for any decision regarding resource allocation, for managers, investors, tax authorities and others. Auditing is the part of accounting dealing with evaluation. A person, an organization, a system, a process, an enterprise, a project or a product, all can be audited, that is evaluated from a financial point of view.

Basically, an accountant is expected to have knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting and cost control principles, and knowledge of federal and state financial regulations. An accountant may be asked to prepare financial reports, statements and projections; therefore he/she must be able to analyze financial data. The analytic skills develop over time.

The usual requirements concerning studies for an Accountant position consist of a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, 4 – 5 years of experience in accounting, and completing a Certified Public Accountant examination.

An Accountant is expected to be an orderly person, capable of self-management, capable of both analytic and synthetic thinking, with orientation to significant detail. He/she should cope well with the extra-hours which might as well appear on his schedule from time to time.

Sample Audit Accountant Resume

Personal Details

Name: Jack Hill
Birth date: 02.10.1982
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Driver’s License: Yes (200)


The Audit Accountant must be able to determine and accurately express the value of the objects and processes submitted to auditing in financially acceptable terms. He must possess extended knowledge of auditing practices and principles, good command of accepted accounting practices and principles, and of economic principles. He must be familiar with applicable laws and regulations and he must have keen skills on related computer applications


Looking for a position as an Audit Accountant within your Internal Auditing Department. My objectives are to increase my analytical capacity, and to enlarge my previous experience with auditing, within a larger company.


Accurate and ambitious Audit Accountant, with good IT skills and a significant experience in internal auditing of a medium-sized company, eager to be part of the company’s success and contribute to its growth.

Qualities and Skills

  • Willingness to work long hours;
  • Willingness to train;
  • Willingness to apply new procedures and techniques;
  • Problem solver;
  • Resistant to stress and detail-oriented;
  • Basic training in Professional Communication.

Work Experience

Smithson Milk Company 2005-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Prepared profit and loss statements;
  • Prepared monthly closing and cost account reports;
  • Analyzed financial information to prepare business transactions;
  • Analyzed and reviewed budgets and expenditures local, state and federal and private funding;
  • Prepared and reviewed budget, revenue, expense, invoices and other accounting documents;
  • Worked with internal and external auditors to complete audits.


Certified Auditor Examination – 2009
Master’s Degree in Accounting, University of Vermont – 2008
Certified Public Accountant Examination – 2004
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, University of Vermont – 2003
Professional Communication training sessions at the University of Vermont • 2001/2002

Areas of interest

New methods in Statistics
Internal Auditing
Professional Communication


Joel Rosenberg,
Chief of Internal Auditing Department
Smithson Milk Company, Vermont