Accounting is the term applied for the ways and methods an accountant uses in maintaining a company’s daily transaction. It is one of the essential features in any organization regardless of its size. Every company has to make a provision for the accounts department while setting up the business. Without a proper accounting system, the company will never come to know whether they are making any profits from the business or not. Refraining from accounting means to walk on the path being blind-folded.

Here is the list of the various accounting resumes:

Everything that relates to money comes under accounts category. This one word alone has the capacity to describe how good or bad a company’s position is in the market. For companies to keep their feet firm in the market, they should have a proper accounting system.

Public Accountants

Now, who does this accounting work? Why it attracts lots of speculations whenever one stumbles upon this word? Accounting is done by an accountant who has relevant qualifications and training to perform the work. The main responsibility of the accountant is to keep the company’s record error-free and ensure taxes are paid to the revenue department on time to avoid any penalties. Since the structure of accounting is very broad, it has been classified into the following categories:

These accountants are professionals who are certified by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). They can perform a broad range of accounting work that includes auditing, tax returns preparation, general accounting work, etc. for clients who hire them on fees.

Management Accountants

Accountants working in corporate sectors come under this category. They usually perform cash-allocating work as per the budget set by the management. They keep a check on the cash flow and take care that the project is accomplished within a set limit of the budget. Their responsibility includes evaluating company’s performance for a regular interval, cost and asset management. Government Accountants These accountants work for the public sectors and perform the duties of examining records of government agencies. They also audit financial records of individuals and corporations to check if the records presented for assessing tax are not violating any government rules. Now let’s find out about the education and certification needed to become an accountant.


A degree course in accountancy is the foremost qualification you need to pursue an accountant career. This course will tell you all about bookkeeping, maintaining financial records, preparing reports, assessing tax, auditing, preparing payrolls, allocating budget for projects, etc. You should also possess good analytical and logical sense, ability to see and catch errors in figures, strong communication skills to communicate with clients and employers without any confusion, honesty and a love to work with figures.


At the start of your career, you will have to work as a junior accountant with any organization. Later, down the career lane, you will eventually graduate to the Director of Accounts position. In some point of your career, you will come in contact with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when filing a report. To become eligible for this work, you need to secure an accountant license from the state you are residing in.

To obtain the license, you need to fulfill certain criteria set by the Board of Accountancy. Recently, the District of Columbia made it compulsory for candidates aspiring to become CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to attend and complete their college coursework for at least 150 hours. The candidates also have to appear for the CPA exam conducted by the Board. After clearing all the four sections of the CPA exam within 18 months from clearing the first section, a certification is finally awarded to the successful candidate.

If you have the qualification and experience, the next important thing is your resume. It must reflect all your qualities and experiences in a unique way that can fuel up your employer’s interest to call you for an interview. The better it is written and presented, the brighter is the chance of landing a desired job.

However, most of the professionals lack resumes writing skills. For all such novices and professionals, we are writing sample of accounting resume to help you draft a result-oriented resume. Just follow the link given below and brace yourself for the journey of figures, calculation, analysis, and much more.