The person who sets up and looks after the windows system of the computer is known as the windows system administrator. They are basically the part of the IT department. It is true that the use of computers is growing with each passing days, and hence there is a good career opportunity in this field.

Job description

As the career as the windows system administrator is becoming very popular, hence it has become very important to discuss a bit regarding this job. Their main job is to look after the processes of installation, configuration of the software and as well as proper maintenance of them. For this they have to go through various researches and as well as a proper training is very important. The job of a windows system administrator is not that easy and they have to take some huge responsibilities.

Job duties

To know the exact work of the windows system administrator it is very important to discuss in detail about their various duties.

  • It is the duty of the system administrator to set up the network and to keep a check on proper maintenance.
  • This is required that the system administrator should look after and should also maintain the system users all over.
  • The file systems are being created by them.
  • It is their duty to supervise the complete network communication.
  • They have to update as soon as the new operating system of windows launches and the application software comes out.
  • The security policies of the users are being set up by the system administrator.


As the job of the system administrator is becoming very famous these days, so it is very obvious that there should be some basic skills that will help one to achieve this job easily.

  • They should know how to solve the problems very easily.
  • A complete technical knowledge regarding the software is very important.
  • They should be able to identify the problem and should very easily diagnose it.
  • It is very important for a system administrator to be well communicative.

Work environment

The job of the windows system administrator is at the office only, and as this involves many technical procedures so it is very important to maintain a serene atmosphere there. He or she should have a healthy relation with co-workers as this helps to solve the problems easily.


  • There should be a proper technical degree from a recognized college and university.
  • If there is a prior experience then it is very helpful.
  • Before joining the job a proper training is very important.

Tips for the job

If you want to excel in the field of windows system administrator, then you can follow these tips.

  • Be very punctual.
  • Be very professional and hardworking.
  • Maintain a good relation with your co-workers.
  • Try to learn as much as you can from the training as this will help you later.
  • Solve all the problems confidently and diligently.

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