A warehouse assistant is responsible to look after the movement of sticks from the warehouse or inventory thereby keeping a close watch on the inflow and outflow of goods. An assistant in warehouse is also responsible for maintaining the required level of efficiency or safety while handling the movement of goods and keeps record of all these materials.

Job description

  • The job of a warehouse assistant is similar although it depends on the nature of the unit in which they are supposed to deliver their services like controlling and distributing goods.
  • The nature of the work will also depend on the size of the operation in which they are working.
  • Maintenance of safety guidelines while handling the job in a warehouse.
  • Warehouse assistants are responsible for managing huge volumes of work and also maintain records of the transportation of goods.
  • Should also handle the issue of maintaining cleanliness in the warehouse.
  • Ensure that the materials that are moving out or coming in should be in proper condition without any breakage.
  • The standard procedure of operations must be followed by warehouse assistants.

Job Duties

There are various duties that are performed by a warehouse assistant, but the primary duties are as follows:

  • A warehouse assistant is responsible for safeguarding the finances, property and transport of the company.
  • Should be responsible for timely submission for all the documents that are related to the incoming and outgoing materials.
  • Deal with the questions and correspondences with sheer effectiveness.
  • Maintain the safety norms in the warehouse.
  • A warehouse assistant must follow the duties that are assigned by the supervisor or manager of the warehouse.
  • Should interact with the entire staff of warehouse and depot and maintain good relationship with colleagues.
  • Maintaining the veracity and quantity of documents.


  • A warehouse assistant should have strong presence of mind as he/she is required to handle bulk materials and maintain record for the same.
  • Power of communication or effective communication is required for conveying message.
  • Should also possess listening skills.
  • Coordination of actions while handling warehouse.
  • Warehouse assistants should have physical and mental strength.

Work Environment

The work environment will depend on the industry for which the duties are being performed. For large operations, the job pressure will be relatively higher as compared to smaller units. Moreover, with the development of large supermarkets, the number of jobs of warehouse assistants is on the rise along with the duties.


Although warehouse assistants do not require a degree of university, the following qualifications will help them to secure reasonably good jobs. In other words, warehouse assistants will get an edge in the job market with the following qualifications:

  • Proper driving license.
  • Vocational qualification in storage and warehousing.
  • Fork lift truck license

Tips for the job

The following tips will allow you to get better job opportunities:

  • Paying attention to details is one of the vital aspects of warehouse assistant.
  • Definite and organized approach towards the job.
  • Team building qualities and maintaining good relationship with colleagues.
  • Should possess attitude of responsibility.

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