The job of a video editor includes video editing and formatting. He arranges scene after scene and creates a film or video. When the shooting is complete, the content has to be arranged according to the story. This is a tough task which is done by the video editor. It is the final step in the video making process. The editor has to understand the story, the mind of the director and the arrange shots to convey the theme accurately.

Job Description

This is a highly technical area. Besides having technical knowledge, the editor must have creative knowledge. If he lacks the creative eye, he will fail to arrange beautiful shots. The editor has to work on computer. He uses software to arrange the shots properly. He also uses many editing equipment to help him arranging video and present it one format.

Job Duties

The job duties of the video editor include:

  • He has to understand the script thoroughly. If he fails to grasp the script, he will not be able to arrange the video.
  • He has to arrange shots after one other
  • Reads and understand the story.
  • Post production work
  • Song editing is also done by the editors
  • Incorporates special effect and sounds in the beginning and end of the video.
  • Editing home videos if and when necessary


  • The video editor should be excellent in handling editing software
  • Must have a meticulous approach towards his work.
  • Must be able to work in deadline.
  • Ability to present videos beautifully. He should possess creative knowledge.
  • Ability to focus and concentration power is needed in the editor.

Work Environment

Video editors generally work for editing houses or studios. Their work is operated from the office. After the shooting is over, they start working of editing them. They work on computers, and for hours, they sit in front of the system to arrange videos properly. Thus, they work from the office. But, the work is time taking. They have to work in a team. They have to discuss the concepts and story presentation with the director and the art department.


  • A Bachelor Degree is essential to become an editor.
  • Students with technical knowledge of editing and video editing are preferred.
  • He must know about different types of editing.
  • Basic computer knowledge is essential.
  • Should possess creative idea.
  • Knowledge of video production and post production is highly recommended

Tips for the job

  • The video editor must have vast general knowledge.
  • He must follow the story telling guide and rules of film making.
  • Passion for work is very essential. The work may apparently seem tedious and time taking. Hence, if you want to work in this field, you must be a creative person. You should be wiling to present the video in the best possible manner.

So, those who wish to pursue a career in media industry and film making may think of studying video editing.

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