A vet assistant happens to be a part and parcel of a team looking after the healthcare needs of animals. The focal point of the job is all about the perspectives of gelling, bonding and connecting with animals.

Job description

  • Providing supportive backup to the different facets of the healthcare service meant for pets and animals.
  • Ensuring that the ambience of healthcare is well sanitized with a methodical focus on safety.
  • Carry out administer the instructions issued by the doctors and vet technicians.

Job duties

  • Ensuring the cleanliness of the equipments.
  • Providing support to the pets and animals during the course of the diagnosis.
  • Preparation and sanitization of the suites meant for the surgery.
  • Ensuring that the affected pets are properly fed and exercised.
  • Helping them to sleep.
  • Ensure patient handling of the pets during the administration of medicine and in the course of injection.
  • With enhanced exposure and experience, the vet assistants often administer the dosage of medicines and assist in the course of surgery.
  • At times, the vet assistants are required to perform certain clerical responsibilities, as well.


Though the job may not require specialized knowledge and expertise, vet assistant needs to be particularly sharp in the following areas:

  • Sympathetic approach to pets and the overall perspective of pet care.
  • Skilful handling of the animals. One needs to have the ability in handling different varieties of animals.
  • Skilful perception of the animals and their ways.
  • Ability to gel and mingle with them.
  • Ability to withstand the situations of emergency.
  • Ability to follow instructions of the superiors.
  • Ability to comfort as well as reassure so that the pets respond properly to the concerned vet assistance.

Work environment

Of late, there has been a substantial rise in the strength of people and families owning pets. This in turn, has provided impetus to the needs for pet care. As a veterinary assistant, one may be appointed with small centers of healthcare or the relatively bigger facilities looking after the health benefits of the pets. Finding appointment with a private physician can be another alternative. Irrespective of the situation and range of the employment choice, the work environment, calls for active involvement, regular attendance and quick response to calls for help.


There are quite a few healthcare forums which don’t need the backup support of formal training. On the other hand, there are those who insist on a formal training.

  • Certificate program in veterinary assistance. The program takes less than twelve months for completion.
  • The certificate programs may be undertaken upon the completion of either secondary/senior secondary education.
  • The requirement for internship is not mandatory. That’s because exposure received during the course of a job is good enough to substitute for the requisite experience.

Tips for the job

As a vet assistant, it is important to focus on the following areas:

  • Try and increase awareness about the symptomatic conditions of the different diseases, the way it is likely to spread and infect the animals of varying kinds.
  • Expand your base of knowledge about the generic physiology of animals and different regimens of care such as feeding, nail trimming and bathing.
  • Try to capitalize on your interaction with the physicians and technicians. It will contribute to an enhanced focus with respect of medication, the use of surgical measures and other technical nuances.

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