Underwriting assistant works under the guidance of senior underwriters to carry out clerical tasks. They provide assistance and support to the underwriting staff. In general, underwriting is a process or rather a practice that involves specific list of methods, creative skills and different modifications that should be performed on the data collected in order to organise it as a whole. They have to perform many other administrative duties. To become a good underwriting assistant, the person needs to have a bachelor’s degree in this area.

Job description:

The main job of the underwriting assistant is to collect data and organize it in the best possible way. They perform all the given administrative duties like making new accounts or renewal of the accounts, making reports, providing statistical and other information, or any other task assigned to him. The profession is a reputed one in the market and the earnings are also quiet high in this field.

Skill requirements:

There are some skill requirements associated with this job to be a popular one in this field. Some of them are as follows:

  • Must know how to use MS EXCEL.
  • Must know how to use MS Access.
  • Should have excellent writing skills along with effective vocabulary and grammar knowledge.
  • Good knowledge about general and current affairs.
  • Good communication skills and confident personality for interaction with other professionals.
  • Past working experience will always be a plus to the job.
  • Basic knowledge of working on computerized systems using MS-office and how to save and retrieve data, etc.
  • Should know how to use internet for conducting research of data on internet using internet explorer or any other browser.
  • Have good analysing ability so that he could analyse the data and implement it accordingly.
  • Must be logical minded.
  • Must have good organisational skills.
  • Should be patient and attentive towards his work.
  • Should be an active learner.
  • Should be very creative.

Job duties:

Key responsibilities of an underwriting assistant include:

  • Assist in providing the best complete service to the brokers.
  • Must know how to do photocopy and scanning work.
  • Keeping an eye on all the computerised work.
  • Monitor the accounts and their renewal process.
  • Provide all the basic statistical information.
  • Complete the contract within given deadlines.
  • Properly supervise the work of their sub- ordinates.
  • Develop and motivate the staff.
  • Should be efficient in working in order to make more profit for the organization.
  • Operational and strategic planning in order to maintain the budget.
  • Communication with the team of underwriters properly.
  • Perform other assigned duties properly.

Working conditions:

An Underwriting Assistant works in his office in comfortable and good conditions where he is given a quiet ambience so that he could analyse the collected data properly and could organize it more efficiently. The list of functions of an underwriting assistant specifically includes planning, supervising duties, directing or commanding, accounting and controlling staff management.
This type of job demands entire dedication of an individual. It even sometimes demands overtime work and odd hour presence for the task completion.

Tips for a good job:

  • Should have skills to make correct as well as organized reports consistently.
  • Should be regular to the job.
  • Should have the ability to focus hard even while working on lengthy projects.
  • Should cooperate with his seniors.

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