The treasury accountant manages cash of an organization and increases the profitability of the company by working on periodic liquidity requirement. They need to determine the fund resources and then take responsibilities to invest the excess cash in capital markets. The accountant also prepares financial statements according to the regulatory rules.

Treasury Accountant Job Description

  • Prepare and analyze the accounting details and records and the financial statements to assess completeness of the reports. The procedural standards are also determined by them.
  • Compute tax returns and make sure the payment and reports are done in proper time. They also look at different other requirement of tax.
  • They also analyze operations of the business and costs and revenues of the business. Projection of future revenues and expenses are taken up by them.
  • Reporting to management is a part of the job that they do.

They also work for the organization and its financial structure, prepare and finalize budget and compare budgeted cost to the actual cost.

Job Duties

  • Preparing budget and comparing the cost with the actual cost in the business
  • Document financial information and various transactions through the company that needs to be reported.
  • Identify the accounting standards and include the ways of managing discrepancies

They have main responsibility to increase the revenue and with a clear and precise method document the whole financial accounting to remain within the regulatory standards.


  • Value added analysis and asset accounting.
  • Accounts receivables and risk management
  • Planning of financial strategies
  • Strong work ethic and communication skills
  • Ability to accept criticism and  grow problem solving skills
  • Financial accounts management skills

Work Environment

The treasury accountant is a fast paced worker and they work with deadline and with finalization of the accounting information. The information that they deal with are very sensitive and they are mostly pressed for time. The accountants need to work as a team as it is not possible for them to single handedly completes the whole work.


  • You need to have a general degree in accounting from colleges
  • You will need to be a qualified accountant to further study for the treasury accountant from any center that teaches this course.
  • They must be confident and strong in math. They also should have a very cool head to get the day to day accounting job done.

Tips for the Job

There are four types of treasury accountants and they are the government treasury specialist who helps the state and federal agency to manage cash. The second is the tax treasurer that works for company’s costs and expenses and targeted profit. The CPA advises public client and helps in management of treasury. They work on public accounting firm. The final one is the financial treasury specialist who helps to prepare report for the financial records and data as per the accounting principles. You must remember there will be no fixed hours for your work and you will need to find out the best way to complete the job and get to your own world with efficiency. The infrastructure you work for depends on you for the financial records and it is important for doing it without any

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