Travel Agents work as the directing professionals. They direct individuals and business people to manage their travels by managing flights and other travel arrangements. It includes travelling tickets their choice of food, the hotel arrangements and all other required travel facilities. They also make customized planning as per the need of the customers. Their job includes promoting resorts, hotels, cruises, other travel groups h working in collaboration with them, to gain more earnings.


  • Possess managing skills for the proper functioning between the customers and other staff members.
  • Instruct and guide the customers according their required information by assessing their travelling requirements.
  • Proper listening skills to hear to the customers on desired information and guide accordingly.
  • Persuading skills to maintain customers and by serving appropriately.
  • Coordinate with the other members of the company and make the necessary changes for the change of packages.
  • Time management skills to give enough time to the tourists while travelling and be back on the targeted time.
  • Have good mathematical skills to maintain accounts and for counting on the currency exchange.
  • Computer and other reading and writing skills.
  • Thinking creative and being friendly.


  • Suggest the customers for the best destinations to go according to their choices.
  • Check for the best rate tickets available for the customers.
  • Make all the internal facilities available like the transport, car facility and also other extra activity details.
  • Most important is to advice the travelers to manage all the necessary documents and the papers required during travelling like the travelling tickets, passports if travelling international, visas, insurance papers, hotel booking details and even other necessary documents if any
  • It is the agent’s duty to visit the place prior to evaluate the quality of the various factors and make sure for everything to be perfect.
  • Collect the payments from the clients as per the company’s rule.
  • To do the booking through the computer or the telephone by making sure of the details given.
  • Provide the brochures of the places to be visited to make it convenient for the travelers.


  • Requires to travel, to make sure for the available services before suggesting the place to the clients and make necessary arrangements.
  • Interact with the clients and other staff members over the phone or the computer by e-mailing or writing to them.
  • Keep all relevant information on hand and give keep the regular updates like weather conditions, currency exchange rates, etc.
  • Keep up the company sales and influence customers for further connections with the company to travel ahead.
  • Give the necessary training to the people joining the company as a fresher.


  • A bachelor’s degree in travel or tourism or a high school diploma degree.
  • Needs to have training in computers and other vocational subjects.
  • Courses in computer science, foreign languages or tourism.
  • Prior experience from any reputed company.


  • Needs to be very creative in the field of traveling and activity.
  • To be close to customers and develop more and more customers to get promotions.
  • Develop marketing strategies for the promotion of the company and its policies to attract customers.
  • Increase sales and training skills
  • Be friendly and always open to customer requirements.

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