Training assistants have to help the training managers in carrying out their tasks diligently. It is their duty to help the managers in efficiently conducting the training process and thereby help the managers in imparting the right levels of education to the novice employees.

Job description

The training assistant plays a vital role in the firm. All the new employees must be provided the right training to ensure that they can act as an asset to the firm. Thus, it may be hard for a training manager to carry out all the tasks by himself. This is where the training assistants serve a useful purpose. They assist the mangers in various ways and help in making the training program successful.

Job duties

The training assistant has to perform the following tasks.

  • They have to check the schedule of the different training sessions and inform about the same to the training managers.
  • They need to check that the training equipments are working efficiently.
  • They have to take care of course materials.
  • They may even have to assess the performance report of the trainees and relay the information to the managers.
  • They may assist the managers in making the lesson plans for the training program.
  • They generally take care to print the evaluation or feedback certificates.
  • They have to look for areas of development in the training program.


The training assistant must have the following skills.

  • Must be skilled in the different ways of handling training sessions.
  • Should have good communication skills.
  • Should be organized and efficient in conducting lessons.
  • Should be skilled in making right assessment.
  • Should be patient while dealing with new employees.
  • Must be skilled in assisting a business.
  • Should be skilled in working with training mangers.

Work environment

The training assistants have to spend most of their time with the training managers. They may share the same office. Their work comprises of a lot of responsibility and thus they are likely to be preoccupied with immense work load. Thus, they must know how to handle the stress of such work. Their work may require a lot of movement from one place to another. So, people must be agile in order to work as a training assistant. One may have to work amidst commotion as well.


  • It is mandatory to be a graduate.
  • Must have knowledge of the way a business organization functions. Thus, graduation must be in the field of business.
  • Applicants who have undergone specialized training for such work are recommended.
  • Applicants who have done management courses on training are more likely top grab the job.
  • Any prior work experience can be helpful.

Tips for the job

  • Have a good working relationship with the training manager.
  • Assess the performance of all employees on a regular basis.
  • If there are employees who are finding it hard to grasp the training details, try to explain the facts to them and motivate them to achieve their target goals.

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