The post of a teaching assistant is to help the head teacher in making the right teaching plans that can aid in efficient imparting of lessons. There are a lot of different duties that a teaching assistant has to carry out. It is an extremely respectable profession and assistant teachers are always looked with reverence and are venerable.

Job description

The teaching assistant always works alongside with a class room teacher. They may work in the primary or secondary section of a school. They may even be a part of college or university as well. Their main work remains to assist the head teachers in a plethora of different activities.

Job duties

An assistant teacher has to carry out a lot of different duties. They have to ensure that the tasks are carried out efficiently because the future of a lot of students is at stake. The following are the part of the job duties of a teacher assistant.

  • They must assist the head teachers in the lesson plan and information and resource collections.
  • They should help in evaluating the work of different students and assessing their performance as well.
  • They must take measures for improving the performance of those students who fail to shine in the exams.
  • They must design activities that shall aim at enhancing the interaction level of the students.
  • They should search good resources that should aid in efficient learning.
  • Prepare good lessons plans that are in tandem with the scope of syllabus.
  • Maintain accurate details and records of students and update the contents regularly.
  • Conduct meetings and interact with parents to suggest the right ways in which their child’s performance can be improved.


The skill sets that are mandatory for the job of an assistant teacher are as follows.

  • Must have good communications skills.
  • Must be conversant in writing methods as well.
  • Should be skilled in managing a group of students.
  • Should have efficient problem solving skills.
  • Should interact with students and make them feel comfortable.

Work environment

The assistant teacher would have their cabin and desk where they can put all their books and information sources. However, the teachers will spend most of their time at the different classrooms. They need to work with different types of students, some of whom may not be interested.

Teachers have to make lesson plans and thus they need to work round the clock for executing their tasks.


The qualifications that people must have for applying for the post of assistant teacher include the following.

  • Assistant teachers need to have a graduate degree.
  • Masters degree is always recommended.
  • Assistant teachers may carry out research activities.
  • Any courses done in communication or teaching is sure to be of help.

Tips for the job

The following tips should be followed for ensuring that the assistant teachers can excel in the task.

  • Teachers should always be in the lookout for helping students.
  • Must know how to work in tandem with the head teachers.
  • Must be efficient in making good lesson plans.
  • Must be punctual and responsible.
  • Must take care to assess the performance of the students.

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