Teacher assistants assist the head teacher in a classroom and follow the instructions of the teacher. The tasks are varied in a primary school then in a secondary school. It is a rewarding job and  is the best suited for a disciplinarian.

Skill requirements

  • Be a friend, a guide, a disciplinarian
  • Be approachable, yet firm in your decisions
  • Good literacy and numerical skills
  • The ability o work as a team and have a creative bend of mind to handle sensitive issues

Job Duties

As an assistant to a head teacher you will be responsible for the educational as well as the social development of the students, and will direct them and guide them as supervised by the head teacher.

You need to be a keen observer and monitor the progress of individual students and assist them if need be, by implementing individual educational guidance and assistance programmes.

You need to be a motivator and will be responsible to provide support to the students inside and outside the classroom and enable and encourage them to fully participate in other extra-curricular activities and help develop their social skills.

You will need to maintain work records, perform clerical tasks, including filing student records and resent displays of student’s work and carry out tasks such as organizing study material, photocopying or researching to support the head teacher in teaching.

For students who require emotional support you need to be there and help them and assist them through it. You will need to keep a strict vigilance on students with behavioural problems and be proactive in matters relating to health and safety.

As an assistant teacher you need to keep a constant check on the standard in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance in accordance with the ethos of the school. As an assistant teacher you need to address the inappropriate conduct of the of the student in school, canteen, playground or during  school-related field trips.

At primary school level you will be responsible to support and supervise extra support for children with special educational needs and  work with some students on an individual basis or in small groups and help the  who are having difficulties in reading or writing.

You will need to organize all the necessary supplies such as projectors, audiovisual equipment,  maps or other stationary, computers, VCRs, DVD players etc.

Work Conditions

To unload the work from the head master and to keep in control the growing ratio of the student and teacher in a classroom  teacher assistants have created space for themselves in almost all schools in preschools as well as in secondary schools.

Educational Qualifications

You need to be a graduate  from recognized university and attain a  B.ed. qualification  from affiliated institutes. However , as Assistant teachers a B.ed program is not mandatory, experience counts.

Tips for the job

  • You need to be highly patient in your approach while interacting with students
  • Be sensible and understanding towards the child’s need.
  • Maintain calm and poise at all times.

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